Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Project Letter: TG-120

Here's a letter from the director of Jaki's project in Togo!

My name is Amegnikou K., project director of (TG-120) attended by your sponsored child, located at Tsevie in the Maritime region. We write you this note to show our gratefulness for the support you give to Jaki.

In the spiritual domain, the children manage to know Christ, to learn his wonderful stories and to recognize his Lordship and his salvation for humanity. They manage to pray for themselves.

On the socio-emotional aspect, the child who before was shy has now the opportunity to blossom, to assert himself, and to demonstrate his talents and abilities.

On the physical aspect, the children grow normally thanks to the care they receive in case of sicknesses. They also learn good hygiene practices.

At the cognitive level, the children are interested in the school because the center provides them with school articles and fees. The home courses for our schooled children make them to progress in their classes.

A child severely weakened was able to receive the appropriate care that has saved his life. His family shows ceaselessly its gratitude to the sponsors. This example is the one among so many other cases where the life of the child was in danger but thanks to sponsor support his life was saved. Many parents are touched by the Good News. During the ceremony organized by the church, about ten parents received the Lord and attend the church.

The sponsorship is a really incredible means to bring support and to save human lives. Its impact remains indescribable and deserves to be encouraged. It gives to the child and to his family the smile, the joy of living and a real hope for a better future. Through the sponsoring the child feels loved and considered in the life although he is abandoned at home. When children do not receive letters, they become sad and think that they are forgotten.

We love our work because we remain convinced that by this way, as said in Exodus 2: 1-10 (where the sister, the parents of Moses, and the Pharaoh's daughter used wisdom and worked to save the life of Moses), our objectives in the life of the children will be realized. And not only for these children today in our center but also for thousands worldwide. Even though this work is risky and needs a lot of commitment, attention and a particular implication of our person, we shall make it by our Lord Jesus Christ who strengthens us. We cannot say that the work we do is in vain. The proof is the teaching of the curriculum that transforms the spiritual, physical, cognitive and socio-emotional life of the children who in their turn influence the life of the parents. And this is only a beginning of results. We expect bigger results to impact all the community and bring it to Christ for the glory of God.

We humbly request you to ceaselessly remember these children in your prayers for their good health, their prosperity, and our center to be strengthened in order to achieve our objectives in the life of these children. We lack words to qualify your kindness and your compassion towards Jaki. The Lord will remember your good works. God Almighty blesses you and fills you with His abundant grace.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from Jaki's center, please consider little Gabin! He lives with his mom, dad, and three other children. He has been waiting over six months for a sponsor. Read more about Gabin here.

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  1. I just love these stories about kids at the project!! It brings such reality to the activities and what God's doing hearing the stories. And makes me really hope we have a new correspondent from Togo soon ;)


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