Monday, May 30, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, and El Salvador

Happy Mail Call Monday- the last of May!

We still aren't really getting letters in the mail (one very, very late one showed up this week) but a few more rolled in through email, so that's good! The first was from Emmanuel in Kenya!

Emmanuel sent a form letter about his project learning. He goes to the project once a week, and says that his project is 4 km from his home. He likes drawing and coloring, singing, and running races. His typical meal at the project is rice and beans with bananas. He also said his favorite thing about the project workers is that they are "loving and helping." On the back, his helper at the project said he received our letters and was happy that we told him what his name means. He also drew a pitcher for us!

We also got a letter from Purity at the same project!

Purity also sent the same form letter, and since she is the same age as Emmanuel, her answers were similar. But she said her favorite project activities were reading, singing, and reciting Bible verses. Her project helper said that Purity was so happy and excited when they read our letters to her, and she hopes to meet us one day!

The same day, we got a letter from Caleb in Uganda!

Caleb asked how we are doing and said it's the rainy season in his country. Caleb said he loved the Christmas party at the project- they ate, danced, and had a drama competition! Caleb also said he has graduated from primary school and moved on to secondary. He shared that his new school is pretty close to the project, too. Lastly, he said that recently the project had a day of HIV/AIDS awareness where they talked about prevention and treatment, and it was very informative and good for all the kids!

Our next letter of the week came from Jeferson in El Salvador.

It's so great to finally be hearing from Jeferson, since it was over six months between the time we got him as a correspondent, and the first letter we got! He is such a good letter writer- he filled all of the page! He said his relatives came to visit at Christmas, and he went to church. He said his favorite food is bread stuffed with chicken, which sounds good to me! He also said for his birthday, the project workers took him to Pollo Campero and he had a nice meal! He said he had french fries and a salad. :) And he also had a cake and smashed a pinata! He said he's praying for us and our jobs, and drew this cool birthday picture!

Also that day, we got our first letter from Beatrice in Rwanda! 

Beatrice is a pretty new correspondent for us, and she is graduating this summer. I'm glad we get to write to her for a short time, though- she went a long time without letters (she is sponsored by a company, and addressed her letter as such.) She said she and her mom are doing well and she is getting ready to graduate the program "and turn the age." She asked how her sponsor is and said she is praying for them!
Finally, we heard from Carlos in Peru!

I always love reading Carlos' letters. He shared that 2015 came to a good end for him and his family. They set off firecrackers for New Year's and the next day went on a church retreat. He also said he was happy about Brandon's new job and happy that he has a new prayer partner. He asked about the weather and when we will have our presidential elections. They had their elections on April 10 and their presidents serve for 5 year terms. And he said goodbye with a big hug! 

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  1. Emmanuel and Purity are just so adorable!!! How fun that they go to the same project. I'm glad letters are still coming for you!!


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