Thursday, May 19, 2016

Project Letter: EC-160

Here's a letter from Jessika's project in Ecuador! All the photos came from Compassion's website.

My name is Rigoberto G. I am the project director of (EC-160) attended by your sponsored child. We work along with the Baptist Church in the community of San Francisco de Oyacoto, located in the province of Pichincha, in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador. Thank you for sponsoring Jessika. We feel strengthened by your prayers and constant support for the growth of this ministry, which is transforming lives and families, not only in the community of Oyacoto but also in different parts of our country.

An example is an eight year old girl who was recently sponsored. Her family has suffered big problems since she was a little girl. Now her father is in jail, so she lives with her mother and her four brothers. Psychologically she wasn't good because of everything she had been through. She was very troublesome and she didn't want to continue with her studies. Thanks to the center she received therapy with a psychologist and she has changed her behavior and way of thinking Now she studies a lot, smiles, plays and enjoys attending the center with her friends and to learn more about Jesus. She dreams of becoming a teacher.

A 17 year old teenager had a difficult childhood, because his father abandoned him. He lives alone with his mother because he is an only child. The Biblical teaching of the center has encouraged him to keep overcoming his problems. Soon, he will be graduating from high school and he wishes to enter college. He also receives guitar lessons to enter the worship ministry in our church. God has touched his heart and he started to assist in church services, Bible study, and youth meetings. He has decided to get baptized.

Our Lord has always been faithful to us and Compassion International has always supported us when we needed the most and the church has also participated. For a year we have been receiving an emergency help fund in order to build bathrooms because ours weren't enough. Thanks to this fund, we built more spacious bathrooms with a division and each one has four toilets, two showers, and two sinks.

I am a former sponsored and graduated child of the leadership program. I know the joy and the excitement produced in the children when they receive letters or pictures from their sponsors. Letters from sponsors encourage children to continue attending the center. To see these children brings me a lot of memories from my childhood. I am grateful for my sponsors and inspired to continue spending my time, my gifts, and my profession in the service of God and to this community. Thanks to the center we have 60 people attending church, 14 of them have been baptized and 4 are about to do so. 90% of the congregation is formed by sponsored or former sponsored children who are now involved in the different activities we are implementing.

We now know and understand the great opportunity Compassion provides tot he church through sponsorship. We are being supported by Compassion in order to reach families for Christ and expand the Kingdom of Heaven. Please continue praying for our center and for the church. Thanks again for sponsoring Jessika!

If you are interested in sponsoring a girl in Ecuador, please consider sweet little Evelyn! She lives in the highlands like Jessika, with her parents and four siblings. Read more about her here.

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  1. How amazing that the project director was a sponsored kid and LDP graduate!!! So neat!!!


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