Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Compassion Joys: May

It's time once again for our Compassion Joys post!

Here's what we have to be thankful for this month:


Things are still wonky with our letters (we finally got like, one in the mail) but some did come through this month, in email form. We heard from Beatrice, Brian, Caleb, Carlos, Emmanuel, Fatuma, Francisco, Geison, Gloria, Jeferson, Juan, Julian, Laura, Michel, Nkoyio, Purity, and Sukumar!

New Kids! 

A few new correspondents joined our family this month as well! We are now writing to Yisleidi in Ecuador, Nehemiah in Rwanda, and Mary Amoah in Ghana!

                                         Nehemiah                                                    Yisleidi

Mary Amoah

Photo Updates!

A few photo updates showed up this month, too!

Julian in Colombia

Yekersew in Ethiopia

Bonifas in Tanzania

(my baby! *sobs*)

Rachelle in Togo

Extra Photos! 
We also got an extra picture of Jeferson in El Salvador! We had to do an inquiry for his first letter, as we had him over six months and hadn't heard anything. We have now received two letters from him, including this picture! 


A few packages are on their way to some of our kids! We have a sandwich baggie going to Zoila in Honduras- and we also packed a bag for an unsponsored child, for one of the volunteers, and bags for the sponsor kids of two of my friends who live overseas!  We also have a bag of gifts on their way to Maribel in Bolivia! 


We had TONS of birthdays in May! Christina in Tanzania turned 6; Jaki in Togo turned 5; Jemal in Ethiopia turned 19; Nejat in Ethiopia turned 4; Barry in Burkina Faso turned 10; Michel in Colombia turned 8; Sukumar in India turned 14; Bonifas in Tanzania turned 11; Emmanuel T in Rwanda turned 16; Eduardo in Honduras turned 18; Fatuma in Kenya turned 10; Tasya in Indonesia turned 14; Benji in Haiti turned 21; and Purity in Kenya turned 6! Also, since Eduardo is now 18, he will be graduating from Compassion's program and leaving very soon. I will miss him so, but he and his mom are on facebook, and I signed a contact release form! Hopefully we can keep in touch. 


We also had four sponsor-versaries this month! As of May, we have been writing to Anahi in Honduras for two years; Julian and Michel in Colombia for two years; and Vandana in India for one year! Yay! 


  1. I love photo updates and extra photos!! They're the best joys!!! And I love the new faces. Are you almost to 100 yet?

    1. I think Yesenia put us at 93! :) Oh wait- but Beatrice just graduated. Honestly it's hard to keep track, but I know it's a little above 90.


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