Monday, May 9, 2016

Project Letter: TZ-606

Here's a letter from the facilitator of Elisha's project! All the photos came from Compassion's website. 

Dear Jessi, 
My name is Albert N. I am the center director of (TZ-606.) Our center is located in the Iringa region of Tanzania, and is where your sponsored child attends. Thank you for sponsoring Elisha.

With great joy I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for the continuing child sponsorship and support in our center. As a result we see quite a significant progress in improving the socio-emotional status of the children under our care. We therefore build confidence towards ultimately relieving children from poverty.

Our children are involved in a wide range of interesting and worthwhile activities. I am proud to reflect that the activities are of holistic composition. These include drawings, gardening, environmental cleanliness, watering flowers, move bricks for classroom building. Further activities, involving particularly grown children, include sewing, cookery, knitting, farming, computer lessons, and baking.

I think the life planning tool is of paramount importance in the life of our children as it provides a sense of preparedness for the children and paves the way for getting to the goals. This therefore instills in our children the kind of discipline needed to be exercised before the student realizes the valuable attainments set before them.

As of now we have received an important gift which has helped us in buying the milling machine and constructing its house. The machine will be an important source of income generating activities for the Child Survival Program caregivers. They will be provided with suitable capital to buy grains and mill them in the machine and thus be able to sell the resulting nutritious flour where the key buyer will be the center itself. This has important implications, one being that of easy and ready market but also the business will enjoy the center's guidance.

I have personally observed a range of important impacts on center children compared to the other children in the community. Education becomes more sustainable than ever and thus they cultivate a sense of reaching their dreams. Through health lessons and seminars both children and caregivers are healthier. Children significantly dominate the social sphere as they are able to interact well with other children by means of sports, debates, and other social events. The spiritual dimension has made and continues to make our children distinguishable from other students as regards to manners.

I thank God profoundly to report that in this year we have witnessed twelve newly converted adolescents. So the center has added to its responsibility for nurturing for their new spiritual lives to ensure that they attain mature Christianity.

Our image as a center is well reflected on the community around in quite a good number of ways. Parents like the way we act as foster parents in taking care of the numerous needs facing their children. The center instills a significant confidence in the community ability to face life challenges through income generating activities.

Our prayer as a center is that God may continue to bless this valuable sponsorship, the sponsors themselves and that we might be able to realize the Compassion and church partner vision for the children under our care. I thank God profoundly for this worthy opportunity to, through sponsorship support, to be able to free children from poverty in the name of Jesus.

If you are interested in sponsoring a little guy in Tanzania, please consider Isaka! He looks like a great guy- super excited to be alive! I kind of love him. Isaka is 14 and lives with his farmer parents near Kihesa. Read more about Isaka here.

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  1. I loved the list of "interesting and worthwhile activities." And how neat that they have a mill!!


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