Saturday, May 14, 2016

Project Letter: ID-204

Here's a letter from Enal's center in Indonesia! All the photos come from Compassion's website. 

My name is Belly K. I am the pastor of (CENTER) that is attached with the child development center attended by Enal. We are located in Minihasa, North Sulawesi of Eastern Indonesia. Most of the people in our area are from low economy and have limited resources. The daily needs and education cost are getting expensive each day. That is why most of the parents ask their children to help them work. There is a need of an institution that can help the children without burdening the family. The presence of the center is a perfect answer for our community.

With the presence of the center in the community, parents are more aware about their children's education. Beside the parents, the staffs are also benefitted. They learn how to teach children and learn about administration and finance. Most of the staffs have low educational background. Moreover, the impacts toward the children are various. We try to balance their development in terms of spiritual, physical, and intellectual and socio-emotional. In terms of spiritual, they get to know Jesus more. In terms of physical, the children eat nutritious food and get medical check-ups twice a year. We thank the Lord Jesus when we see them become best and smartest students in their class.

As part of the center we are determined to change the way of thinking of the people in our community. We believe that when we educate the children holistically in the name of Jesus Christ, we are building the next generation that will bring blessings toward their family and church.

There are 215 children at the center and 205 of them have sponsors while 10 of them are waiting to be sponsored. This year we are trusted to recruit 20 new children. We are grateful to God for this opportunity to help the children who are in need in our church and community. The people in our community are also encouraged to help us building new rooms for the center. This is purely a local contribution.

So far, we have received many sponsor letters. They have made the children eager to study harder and are motivated to do the best. Letters are very important in building communication between sponsors and children. We want you to know that we can see the positive impacts of your relationship with the children. They are motivated to do the best when you give them advice, gift, and pray for them. Please make time to write to Enal. A sponsor's letter is a living proof of love and care for a child. We aren't being visited this year, but we hope that next year, we will be trusted to host any sponsors who are willing to come. We believe that by coming here, you will give even more encouragement for the children.

Please pray for the children so that each day they can learn deeper about the truth in the Bible, get smarter and be able to reach their dreams. Please also pray for our church. There are external challenges in our ministry such as gambling, dispute among villages, alcohol and family problems. We pray that our community can change into a better one for the children to grow to become future leaders. We are planning to build more classes. We renovate our church building so that there is a better and spacious study room. Wish us success in this building process! Thank you for reading this letter. We pray that Jesus Christ blesses you.

If you are interested in sponsoring a young man like Enal in Indonesia, please consider Hendri! Hendri is 18 years old and lives with his aunt and uncle. He likes playing soccer and is attending vocational training! Read more about Hendri here.

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  1. That's great that all but 10 kids are sponsored!! And I always love hearing how a center is changing a community's perspective on education.


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