Monday, August 31, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Honduras, Mexico, Indonesia, India, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania!

Happy Mail Call Monday- the last of August!

We got SEVENTEEN letters this week! Bear with me as I share about them! :)

The first was from Elifagason in Tanzania.

Elifagason greeted me as beloved and says that his family is doing well. He said that they learned John 3:16 at the center and he has never eaten pizza. :) He asked that we pray for his country because they are having a presidential election this year, and he doesn't just want a good president, he wants the BEST president for Tanzania!

Next was a letter from Tamirat in Ethiopia!

This was our first letter from Tamirat! He seems very sweet. He repeated "please keep writing to me" three times in his letter, which was sad- I'm sorry he went so long without letters! Tamirat said he's really happy and he is spending the rainy season in Ethiopia working and helping his family. He said it's cold where he lives and asked about the weather here. He also wanted to know what I think he should learn, because he wants to learn about new things! He also asked if I have any plans to come to Ethiopia soon because he wants to see me face to face.

Next, a letter from Nkoyio in Kenya!

Nkoyio says she's doing fine and working hard in school. I think she attends boarding school because she says that her parents are good, and she's looking forward to school ending so she can see them. She also asked that we pray for her sports team so that they will win their games. :) Nkoyio asked that we pray for her studies so she can become a teacher, and said thank you for sending her letters.

We also heard from Gloria in Kenya, who attends the same center!

We received a form letter from Gloria a few weeks ago, but this one was a "big kid" letter filled out by her teacher. She said that Gloria is praying for God's protection for baby Lilly. She asked that we pray for her career and her studies (she's 8!) She shared that her favorite animal is the sheep and her father got her one and she really likes it. She has a younger brother named Koinari who is going to private school and he has learned the alphabet and is writing numbers. She seems so proud of him! She was excited about President Obama's visit to Kenya, and she loves the letters and photos we send- she said even her mother gets excited about the letters she brings home! She shared Psalm 23:1-5 and said she hopes God blesses us abundantly.

We also got our first letter from Emmanuel in Kenya!

Emmanuel sent a form letter about his family. He has one sibling named James. He spends the most time with his momma and no extended family live with them. He lives in a rural area and he helps his family by washing utensils. He says his family's faith background is Christian he likes playing with other kids at the center.

We received the same form letter from little Purity, who attends the same center as Emmanuel!

Purity shared that has one sibling named Vivian and she likes to go to church with her family. She helps her family by doing the shopping and she wants everyone in her family to have a good education. Her helper at the project says that she gets very excited when she reads my letters, and she wants us to pray that she has a good life!

Next was a letter from Celestine, also in Kenya!

Celestine says she's doing fine with her family. They had class elections recently and she was elected assistant class representative. She also participated in a rally for "Christian union" where they learned how they can help their brothers and sisters in Christ. They talked about lifting each other up in speech and praying for each other. She said they recently celebrated the Day of the African Child at the center, and asked if we have a similar holiday. She shared Jeremiah 33:3 and said that she is praying for us. On the back of the letter, she drew a lion.

We also heard from Motempa in Kenya!

Motempa says that her family is doing well and she's always happy to get our letters. She asked about our climate and says where she lives it's hot and dry. She also said that she remembers me in her daily prayers and asked that we pray for her studies. She told us to read Psalm 121.

Yet more Kenya letters- we also heard from Rose!

Rose thanked us for the small gift we sent, and she said she wants to tell us about her family. She has SEVEN siblings (holy cow) and she is the third oldest. She plays soccer with her siblings. Her family lives in a rural area and her grandmother cooks for them. She and all her siblings go to church every Sunday, and she asks that we pray for her parents, so they will go to church. She said that her family doesn't have money for school fees and they struggle financially, and she prays that we will pray for her family's situation and that through sponsorship it will get better. She wished me all the best as I do my daily chores, and signed her letter "yours lovely daughter." : )

Next, a letter from Fatuma in Kenya!

Fatuma is so cute. She asked how Memorial Day was, and said that Payneville, where Brandon's family's farm is, sounds like "a lovely place to visit." She also shared her excitement about the impending birth of my friend Kristen's triplets, asking for pictures and saying "Wooh!!" Then she said her mom is having a baby soon! They don't know if it will be a boy or girl, but she will let me know! She was looking forward to August holidays, hoping to have fun and visit a new place. Then she said "I love you and I think about you always. You are a great blessing in my life and I pray for you and your family always."

The last Kenya letter for the week was from Christine!

Christine started with "Good morning, my friend Jessi!" She said she is very excited and happy each time she gets my letters, and she hopes that the flooding in the midwest has stopped. She said it's cold and rainy in Kenya, and they are harvesting Maize. She asked if I like roasted maize and that her parents want me to come eat maize with them. She asked that we pray for her end of term exams, and she wants to become a doctor. She also asked that we pray for her country, because the teachers aren't paid enough and they are always threatening to go on strike. She also asked that we pray for her parents to have stable jobs and for her dad to know Jesus. She shared Isaiah 41:10.

We also got our first letter from Melat in Ethiopia!

Melat's letter was written to her financial sponsor. She said she hoped he was in "good peace" and she is doing very well. She gets to spend a lot of time with her family in the rainy season, and she plays handball with her friends. She also said she is doing really well in school and she hopes she does even better next term. She asked him to write her a letter (sigh) and said "ciao for now" which was really cute.

Then we heard from Brendita in Mexico!

 Brendita wrote a form letter about her family. She spends most of her time with her parents and grandmother, and they live in an urban area. She helps her family by taking care of her sibling, and she asked that we pray for her brother. She said thank you again for sending her toys over a year ago- she must really like playing with them! And she also listed some of the extra little things we have sent in our letters, and she was happy that I would be getting her letter. :)

We also got a letter from Tasya in Indonesia!

Tasya asked how we are doing and she trusts we are healthy and happy. She wrote that they had a wonderful Easter, and asked about our Easter celebrations. She wrote that she has never seen a tapir, and she likes dogs best because they are "so cute." :) Her competitions with the other centers were over, and she and her friends had a good time even though they didn't win. She participated in the singing competition and watched the drama competition. She asked that we pray for her exams, and listed all the specific family members of ours that she is praying for!

Almost at the end! We heard from Reine in Burkina Faso!

Reine said she really enjoys my letters and she likes learning about my family and she likes our anniversary picture. She liked seeing baby Faustina's picture, also, and said she is praying for Brandon's back. She said that her name means "princess," but there is no special story behind why her parents chose it. She also said she passed her exams, and asked if Brandon and I want to be parents. She drew a mortar and pestle on her letter.

We got another letter from Anahi in Honduras, too!

Anahi's mom wrote it, as she always does. It was a form letter about Anahi's medical check up, and the letter said that the doctor gave her medicines, vitamins and de-wormer. Anahi weighs 38 lbs and is over three feet tall. Anahi wanted to tell me that she is learning to read really well, and she and her family are praying for me, and they declare in Jesus' name prosperity for our family. It was also really cute because she opened the letter with "I greet you on behalf of my daughter. We thank you for your sponsoring; those are the most sincerely wishes from our heart. I wish that you are well. We thank God for your life. I write you this letter, on this hot afternoon, with love and affection." :)

Lastly, we heard from Jayid in India!

Jayid's letter was written by a project worker, as usual. They said that he's having lots of fun at the project, learning lots of new action songs like "There shall be showers of blessing." They're also practicing drama skits and taking self defense classes. Someone at the center apparently has a new guitar, and he likes to listen to it! Jayid asked that we pray for his father's health.

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  1. Wow! What an amazing 17 letters!!!! That's so exciting that Fatuma's going to have a baby brother or sister! But how heartbreaking that Tamirat kept asking you to keep writing. I'm so glad he'll be flooded with letters now!!!


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