Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Project Letter: KE-508

Here's a letter from Purity and Emmanuel's pastor in Kenya!

My name is Reverend Geoffrey Ngari Hiuhu and I am the current parish minister at Kisauni Church and the Kisauni Child Development Center ministering to Purity and Emmanuel.

Please accept our profound appreciation for the noble gesture of sponsoring Purity and Emmanuel, which will make a difference in the future.

The community around us is affected with very many youths abusing drugs and joblessness and also with parents not caring for their children due to concerns of poverty. This has rendered the area insecure. But the impact of the Compassion Center on the children and the community is being realized, as we are leading many children to salvation and stabilizing their lives. The church is committed to nurturing and mentoring the children through the center and getting them to accept Jesus as their personal savior. Our mentoring program and the holistic development curriculum of Compassion ensures that they have positive growth in their lives and salvation.

The children in the center are more confident and sure of themselves than the other children in the village. It is also evident that the children are well mannered, healthy and clean. Recently, through the Compassion program they have been able to receive health talks and Bible quizzes, which are geared to sharpen their knowledge and their physical health and spiritual nourishment. The children are also able to conduct Saturday program devotions, sing, say memory verses, and read the Bible. The church also ministers to the community through providing quality education at an affordable rate. We have had children confess Christ as their savior.

It is always a joy to see the faces of the children light up as they receive letters form the sponsors and also the pleasure of writing and connecting to the sponsors through writing back. The children are able to know what is going on with their new families abroad and the sponsors can get to know the progress and status of the child and their families by getting to know their school progress, new additions to the family, etc. Sharing your happy moments, photos, and words of encouragement with Purity and Emmanuel is very important.

It is our humble prayer that you put us in prayers to be able to continue to minister to the children, their families, and the communities around us. Pray for the church to create a big impact in our effort to evangelize and to have children who grow to fear God and get to confess Jesus as their personal savoir.

Thank you for loving and sponsoring Purity and Emmanuel.

If you are interested in sponsoring a little kid in Kenya like Purity and Emmanuel, please consider sponsoring Japan. He has been waiting 9 months for a sponsor and lives in an area where HIV/AIDS and child abuse and exploitation are common. 

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