Saturday, August 8, 2015

Project Letter: IN-849

More pastor's letters have been coming in recently! Here's one from Vandana's center in India! 

Greetings from India. I am Koshy C.K., a partner with Compassion International in the Padosi Child Development Center. We minister to your sponsored child. Thank you for your sponsorship of Vandana. The center is situated in Nagpur, India.

I'm so grateful to you for your valuable sponsorship. The community in which we serve is an illiterate tribal community. Life here is socially and economically difficult. Due to lower economic status, the parents therefore struggle to take care of their children's education and health needs. Because of the regular financial crisis in their home, many children drop out of school.

Our programs and activities are planned and implemented with the focus of the holistic development of each child at our center. Since most of them belong to the underprivileged section of society, we take special care to facilitate their personality formation with self-esteem, confidence, and moral and social values. Our activities tend to challenge every child to grow spiritually, intellectually, academically, socially, emotionally, and in terms of talents and extra-curricular potential.

Daily tutorials, with special attention to those who are lacking direction, are conducted. We regularly provide meals/snacks to all the children with the focus of nutrition. Special sessions, retreats, and camps for spiritual growth are conducted. Celebrations on special occasions like holidays, Republic Day, Children's Day, Teacher's Day, cultural programs, picnics, etc. are planned for recreation. Tours and field trips to challengingly different places are conducted.

Awareness programs on de-addiction to drugs, alcohol, health awareness, and hygiene programs are also conducted. Our sponsored children are trained on how to respect elders and the opposite gender. We arrange regular medical camps and health check-ups. We supply items of personal hygiene. We provide items that are needed for their education like notebooks, pens, etc. We also train them in co-curricular and extracurricular activities like sports, spoken English, music, computer, etc.

Special counseling for parents is also happening, to make adequate changes to the parents' perspective. We are there as good Samaritans in their lives. The children who are attending the center are healthier compared to the other children in the community. Through the center we addressed the issue of malnutrition successfully. As per the parents, sponsored children are behaving well after coming to the center.

Through the medical aid we save many lives and help many families. Earlier they never used to pay attention to the medical needs of their children, now because of the continuous follow-ups of the center staff, the parents are taking children to hospitals.

The letters from the sponsors make the children very happy. They treasure sponsors' letters. In the meantime, some children do not receive letters from their sponsors and they feel very sad about it. Sponsor letters mean a lot to them. Kindly send Vandana letters when possible.

The center children are continually praying for you. Please pray that the need of water facilities at the center campus and in the villages be met. We remain extremely grateful for your care and support. May God bless you!

If you are interested in sponsoring a girl in India, please consider pretty Priyal! She and her family live in an area very similar to Vandana's, and they face a lot of the same challenges. Priyal is 12 years old, and her birthday is August 4.

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  1. It's so wonderful that the project has addressed malnutrition and is working on medical awareness!


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