Monday, August 24, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Brazil, Tanzania, and El Salvador

Happy Mail Call Monday!

This week we received four letters! The first two were from Patricia in Brazil! 

Patricia's letters are so sweet! She shared a little more about her family, saying that her family attends a Nazarene church, and that they sing the "Happy Birthday" song at family birthdays! She also said that she loves writing to me and getting my letters, so she wanted to send me a picture with all of the letters I have sent to her! It was so neat to see Patricia surrounded by the letters, cards, and gifts I have sent her over the past year or so! :) 

We also got our first letter from little Kaue in Brazil! 

Kaue's letter was an introductory form letter, because he recently got sponsored! He shared a bunch of his favorites, like studying Portuguese, dogs, beans, and the color white! It was nice to hear from him so quickly! He sent hugs to his new sponsor in his letter. What a sweetie! 

Then we heard from Elisha in Tanzania!

We got an "About Me" letter for Elisha, which is funny since we've been writing to him for two years. :) He said he's 115 centimeters tall, and he is a good reader. He also shared that he still wants to be a doctor. And he drew some great pictures! He drew a Tanzanian flag, a pretty lady, a soccer ball, a mango, and a few other random things! 

Lastly, we got our first and last letter from Cristobal! 

Cristobal recently graduated early from Compassion's program, and hadn't received any letters from his sponsor since he was a very small child. He still wrote a kind goodbye letter, though, saying that he enjoyed all the benefits from Compassion's program since being registered at age six. He talked about the medical and educational benefits he received, and the fun things like going on field trips and staying in hotels. We sent him a small gift before he graduated, and he bought food for his family (he lives with his mom) and we got a picture of him with his gifts! He also encouraged us (or his financial sponsor) to sponsor another child who needs their love and support after his graduation. What a kind young man! I wish him every success in life. 

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  1. It's nice that you got one letter from Cristobal!! The photo from Patricia is lovely!!!! What a treat to get a "real" first letter from Kaue. And I love Elisha's dream to be a doctor!!


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