Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pastor's Letter: Mexico (ME-976)

Here is a pastor letter from the center our Maria attends in Mexico! 

My name is Alfonso Perez Gomez. I am the director of the Yaveh Yireh Child Development Center associated with the attached church that ministers to Maria. 

The activities that we do at the Center instruct the children on the right path towards our God and towards their future, teaching them that God is their only personal savior. We integrate the physical for their good development and health. They participate in recreation for their bodies and also for their socio-emotional development. We provide them with school supplies and fees for their education and intellectual development. We are developing them spiritually in all areas.

During this year we held a spiritual retreat, training for tutors at the Center for the preparation of their classes, integrating the teaching in a dynamic, strategic, and practical way. We celebrated Children's Day, Mother's Day, and we had gatherings with the children, also getting together with the mothers and caretakers. Also each children had a medical check-up, where illnesses were detected in some of them. Thanks to God these illnesses have now been treated.

"My Plan for Tomorrow" is a plan from Compassion that the children do when they are older so that they can plan for a good future and also so that they can have a healthy life physically and spiritually for Christ. We want to see the children as good professionals who love and serve God and their community. With all that we are offering the children through Compassion, they show a happy face and a smile in their everyday lives. Their lives are different now, thanks to you and other sponsors. The children now look different in their way of life, in their way of talking, their way of acting and respecting each other with their classmates.

For the children writing letters to their sponsors is very important because they express their feelings and also when they receive letters from their sponsors, in the same way it is very important for them. They get excited, because they know that there is someone far away who remembers them and does something for them. The children thank their sponsors for accepting them as another child in the family. For this reason and others, please keep up letter correspondence with Maria.

I ask you to pray for our children in the enter, that they continue forwards, that they have a good future and that they are good servants for God. I also ask that you pray that God gives us strength to keep the children moving forwards, that He gives us wisdom to teach, that He helps us to move forward with the center.

I thank God for you and ask that He continually bless your life.

If you are interested in sponsoring a little girl in Mexico like Maria, please consider sponsoring Virginia. She is 4 years old and has been waiting over six months for a sponsor. I love her little smile! 

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