Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Compassion Joys: August

It's everybody's favorite time of the month- Compassion Joys time!

 Compassion Family

We have so very many things to be thankful for this month!


This month we received a CRAZY amount of letters!! It was bananas! We heard from India (Jayid, Vandana), Ethiopia (Tamirat, Melat), Honduras (Eduardo, Anahi), Burkina Faso (Reine), Indonesia (Tasya), Mexico (Brenda), Kenya (Mary, Victor, Mercy, Austin, Christine, Celestine, Fatuma, Gloria, Motempa, Nkoyio, Emmanuel, Purity, Rose), Tanzania (Elifagason, Elisha), Ghana (Angelina), Brazil (Kaue, Patricia), El Salvador (Cristobal), Haiti (Marc, Benji), Bolivia (Juan, Rayza), Peru (Mishel), the Philippines (Mjay), Sri Lanka (Sithum), and Colombia (Julian, Michel.) A bunch of those were first letters, Patricia's came with an extra picture, and some of the kids sent more than one letter! :)


Only three birthdays this month! Caleb in Uganda turned 14, Pitchaya in Thailand turned 20, and Yese in Tanzania turned 15! Happy birthday, gentlemen!

Photo Updates!

Abdias in Haiti got his photo updated this month! He's a handsome young man!

New Kids!

Four new correspondence kids joined our family this month! Tiny Alaiza in the Philippines, sweet Amelia in Kenya, stoic Mawoussi in Togo, and strong Ruby in Ghana!

I also have something fun to share- my friend Stephanie and I began sponsoring beautiful Maribel in Bolivia together! Hannah was advocating for Maribel for a while before we made this decision- every time I saw her, I thought "ohhh, I want her." Steph and I had been talking about sharing a sponsorship, since we really can't afford a full one on our own, so we decided on Maribel! We love her so much! 

Special Events!

This month I hosed my Compassion Christmas party! You can read more about it here. 


I am officially going to Honduras next fall! I set up my fundraiser page so folks can follow along with my goals. It may seem like a long way off, but I am going to need all that time to raise the money! Please be praying for my fundraising efforts- the next big thing coming up is a bake sale September 19!


  1. that's so exciting about your upcoming trip to Honduras!

    Woo hoo for new correspondents and a new little sponsor girl.

  2. Such pretty new faces!!!!!! And I loved seeing Abdais growing up!!


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