Monday, September 28, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Thailand, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Peru and Honduras

I forgot to post last Monday, so there are two Mondays worth of mail this week! :)

Most recently, we got our first letter from Pitchaya in Thailand! 

Pitchaya called me sir, but that’s ok. He says that his family is fine and he was on school vacation. He shared that he was working a part time job to earn some money, which is awesome! He was working at an iron welding shop, and the work was “not too difficult and not too easy.” When university started a new term, he was going back for his second year studying logistics. He was not satisfied with his grades so he asked that we pray for his studies. Pitchaya also responded to my letter about tapirs, saying that he knows what they are and described them in good detail. He said that there aren’t many in Thailand, but they live in a sanctuary. He also said he donated some of his wages from his part time job to the Nongsua District church, which is small but beautiful. He said the children will have a chance to learn more about God there. I’m proud of him for his generous heart! 

Last week we heard from Abdias in Haiti! 

Abdias is such a lovely writer! Abdias says that he is happy to have the privilege to write again, and that he and his family are doing well. He also says that he had a good term at school "in the name of God the omnipotent." He is moving up to 9th grade. He said that he's spent his summer holidays riding biks, playing ball and "many other amusing things." He is also taking sewing classes at the project, and he has learned to sew trousers and shirts. He shared that his family and his church pray for us, and he sings in the choir. He asked that we pray for God to give him strength in all he does. 

We also heard from Carlos in Peru! 

Carlos says that he and his family are doing well and he's very happy to write to me, and to get my letters. He said "thank you for remembering me with your mind and heart" and said he really likes when we send pictures. Carlos said that his country won third place in the "Copa America" tournament, and that everyone celebrated. He asked that we pray for his studies and for his family, and he said goodbye with big hugs! 

We also heard from little Sandier in Honduras! 

Sandier's letter was written by Iris, his tutor, as usual. When I meet Sandier next year, it would be fun to meet Iris, too! :) Iris says that Sandier is doing really well, and of course he has eaten pizza, it is his favorite food and he eats it whenever he can. He said he's never met a brand new baby (he has a little sister but is too young to remember her as a baby) but he would like to take care of a baby! He also listed several holidays in his country, and said he really likes his birthday, mother's day, and independence day. He liked the card and letters we've sent and he asked that we pray for his best friend Ezekiel because he broke his arm. Poor little guy! Sandier also asked that we pray for peace for Honduras. He said goodbye with blessings and hugs, and he drew a pretty picture of mountains with TONS of birds flying over! 

Earlier last week, we heard from Kevenel in Haiti! 

Kevenel had a helper write this letter, but it was written on "big kid" stationery for the first time! His helper at the project said that he was "delighted" to greet us and he wants to know how we are doing. He loves to get our letters and his family is doing well. He said that he has not yet eaten pizza, and he asks that we pray for his protection during his holiday from school. He also said "It's very warm in his country at this moment and the Haitians can't stand it." Sounds like everyone had a hot summer! Kevenel said not much is going on where he lives and he wants to know if I've ever been in a canoe. :)  

We also got a letter from Barry in Burkina Faso! 

Barry's letter was also written on big kid stationery! He said that he is glad to get our letters and he and his family are in good health. He said that the schools are closed or a few months because of the summer holidays, and he likes going to farms and helping his parents. He said thank you for praying for him and his family, and they are also praying for us. He also shared that he moved up a grade, and he is really happy about that! He asked us to pray for him so he can fear the Lord, and he asked if I have been to a farm. At the bottom of the letter, Barry drew many little pencil drawings, including a shopping bag, a house, a faucet, a person, a truck, a bowl, a soccer ball, a bike, and some other random things! 

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  1. What fun letters! Sandier is so sweet to want to care for a baby! But his poor friend with the broken arm. We'll be praying for his friend. And what an amazing first letter from Pitchaya...he sounds like such a hardworking, motivated and generous young man!


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