Saturday, October 3, 2015

Compassion Joys: September

Better late than never! :) Life has been so crazy lately with two jobs and family stuff going on. Here are my Compassion Joys for last month!

 Compassion Family


This month we received Pitchaya and Thanakan; Abdias, Benji and Kevenel in Haiti; Carlos in Peru; Sandier and Eduardo in Honduras; Barry in Burkina Faso; Amisha in India; Merlyn in the Philippines; Angelina in Ghana; Caleb in Uganda; and Mary Paola in Ecuador. Pitchaya and Mary Paola's letters were first letters!


September is really light on birthdays for us! Elisha in Tanzania turned 9, and Iratuzi in Rwanda turned 13!


This month we celebrated one year of writing to Elifagason in Tanzania, and one year of writing to Angelina in Ghana! We love these kids so much- they are both super sweet!

New Kids!

One new little guy arrived on our account this month! Meet Kevin from Peru! I love the letters I get from our other Peruvian kids, and I'm excited to get to know Kevin!

We also lost a total of 20 correspondents in September, which was really sad. It was hard writing all those goodbye letters. I agreed to be put back on the list for 10 more correspondents for now, so they may be showing up next month, since I was sort of high up on the list. I can't wait to see who we will be matched with, and share our new friends with you on here! 

Trip Update!

Last month, I had a bake sale at my church's outdoor market to raise money for my Honduras trip. After expenses, I ended up raising over $100 for my Honduras trip next year! On top of that, a few donations have come in from my fundraising page, so I am almost at 10% funded!

I am also doing another ornament fundraiser with Apparent Project. I have the ornaments until the first of November, so if you are interested in purchasing one, let me know at hellojessi01(at)! Only a couple have sold so far, so I'm hoping things pick up soon. The nice thing about doing fundraisers with AP is that it supplies income for struggling parents in Haiti. I want the fundraiser to be successful for their sake! This year's designs are pictured below!

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  1. Kevin is so cute! I'm so sorry that you lost so many kids to the mix-up, though. I hope you'll be matched with new kids soon. And I'm so excited about my ornaments! I hope you'll be able to sell more!


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