Monday, October 26, 2015

Sweet Greetings from India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, and Brazil!

Happy Mail Call Monday- the last in October!!!

We got quite a few letters this week! The first was from Jayid in India! 

Jayid's letters are still written by a project staffer and pretty much say the same thing each time. He does say that he's doing well, and it's really hot where he lives! He was also looking forward to celebrating Teacher's Day, and he drew a pretty butterfly! 

Then we got a long-awaited letter from Prayer in Indonesia! 

At the beginning of the month, it had been six months since we last heard from Prayer, which is unusual. I asked about it, and a letter had been processed from him recently. It finally arrived! Prayer says "the time goes by so fast" and he's right! He started 8th grade and he says he is succeeding in school because of Jesus' love! He said he played football with friends on his summer break, and he shared that his mom recently had a baby! Prayer is a big brother again- his family now has four boys, just like Brandon's! Prayer said he is praying for our grandparents and for baby Lilly! 

Then we got our first letter from Zalifina in Tanzania! 

Zalifina's letter was a bit warmer than other Tanzanian letters I have received (it's a cultural thing) which was awesome since this was our first letter from her! She said she and her family are fine and she's enjoying school. She asked for prayer for her country because of the upcoming elections (which were actually this weekend) and said it's the windy season and the trees are dropping leaves! Just like here! Zalifina said "I thank you so much for keeping to sponsor me. My family loves you so much." She shared 1 Corinthians 15:10 and asked how she can pray for me! 

We also got a letter from Elifagason in Tanzania! 

Elifagason didn't have much to say, just that he and his family are fine, and he is keeping us in prayer. He asked that we pray for his studies and he is praying for mine. :) 

Then we got a letter from Mishel in Peru! 

This letter was written about two weeks before my friend Kara traveled to Peru and dropped off a present for Mishel, so hopefully I will hear about that soon! Mishel said that she was glad to get all the letters and cards, and her sister had a baby! She helps her by giving gifts to the baby and taking care of him. She also said her school celebrated its anniversary, and that her friend was chosen as "Miss Angelina 2015." Mishel asked if I had younger siblings and asked about my favorite sport, and sent a bug hug and many kisses! 

Next was a letter from Patricia in Brazil! 

Patricia's letters are so perky! I love them! She said school break was "so cool!" She's glad to be back in school with her friends again. She said cats are her favorite animals, and her sister recently had a baby, too! Wow, lots of new babies in our far away families! Patricia said lots of cool stuff is going on at the project, including parties and camping! She really liked camping and played a lot of games. She said "I am very thankful for the letters you sent me. I keep all of them with me with lots of love." Patricia said she liked baby Lilly's photo and asked that we pray for her family's health! 

Lastly, we got our first letter from Festus in Kenya! 

Festus is a real sweetheart! He shared about his schoolwork and said that he is struggling some because he doesn't have the proper books, but "at home they are making me do better." :) He said they've been studying the solar system in science, and he enjoys that! Festus said at home he has three sisters and four brothers, and his family plants peanuts! He also said he goes to church every Sunday to worship my God. I like God because he is my saviour." He shared Psalms 136:1 with us!

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  1. Patricia is such a sweetheart! And I love that Festus shared about his siblings…I love when my kids answer that question. How fun that you heard from Zalifina for the first time! I'm also glad you finally heard from Prayer! What a great week of letters :)


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