Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trash to Treasure

Did you know that the majority of orphaned children in Haiti gained that status not because their parents are deceased, but because they can't be cared for? Poverty's grip on Haiti is so strong, so crushing, that many, many families have had to relinquish their children because they can't feed them. Some wonderful organizations work to rehabilitate starving children with distended bellies, providing free medical care and assistance in the hopes that these precious little ones can return to the homes of their biological families. In some cases, sadly, parents feel that they have no other options- they may live far from these ministries, or resources may be stretched too thin- and their children are placed for adoption.

Part of "orphancare," a favorite buzzword of the American church, includes preventing children from becoming orphans in the first place. We are commanded to care for the less fortunate, and that includes people in other countries. One way you can help is by supporting businesses that offer employment opportunities and training for these moms and dads.

Apparent Project is a ministry I have talked about many times on my blog. I love what they are doing- turning refuse into art, training Haitian men and women to create beautiful things, and thus providing them with income. And I love gifts that serve more than one purpose. I am much more likely to buy jewelry or home decor if I found out that some lovely person in another country made it, and a portion of the proceeds return to those artisans to support their livelihoods! I work with Apparent Project every chance I get, and this year I am doing another Christmas fundraiser with them!

This year, AP's artisans have created some gorgeous, handmade holiday ornaments from recycled paper and discarded oil drums. They spent hours upon hours cutting, shaping, stamping, rolling, and forming the pieces of these ornaments. There are several new designs this year, too! I love them and plan on getting several for myself. :) If you would like to purchase an ornament, you can view the designs below and send me an email at hellojessi01(at) The ornaments are $10 each, but discounts are available if you would like to purchase more than one! I can also ship them anywhere in the United States and Canada. For each ornament purchased, $5 is returned to AP's artisans, and $5 goes toward my Honduras trip. For me, though, the most important thing is selling as many ornaments as possible so these lovely people can feed their families!!


  1. I love seeing photos of the artisans at work! And I agree, I prefer to buy through groups that support income generating projects. Thanks for doing this fundraiser!

  2. They are beautiful - I love the ones I got last year.


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