Monday, October 12, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Kenya, Bolivia, Togo, Peru, Rwanda, and the Dominican Republic!

Happy Mail Call Monday- sick day edition! : /

It was nice that more letters started coming in last week! The first was our first letter from Jeannette in Rwanda! 

We had been calling Jeannette by her family name, Iratuzi, because that's what's listed on the website- so it's nice to know that she actually goes by Jeannette! :) She just wrote a short letter, but it was sweet and loving. Jeannette says that she and her family send warm greetings, and she is so happy to get letters from us! She was finishing her summer break from school when the letter was written (late August) and that her term will begin in October. I think her school is year round. She says that she is praying that peace is with me in everything I do! What a sweetie! 

Next was a short letter from Carlos in Peru! 

Carlos said that he was very thankful for the gift we sent via Kara and her mom when Kara went to Peru this summer! He said that it’s really cold where he lives and it’s been rainy. He asked about our weather and asked that we pray for his studies and his family. He said goodbye with a big hug, saying he hoped we’d write again soon! 

Next up, a letter from little Estha in Togo! 

Estha’s letter was about what she learns at the project. She says they’re learning dancing and how to help people with disabilities! She also likes singing and she learned about why washing clothes is important. She said they also learn about the community, and she found that her school was founded in 1966. She said thank you for the stories we send and asked that we pray for the prosperity of her family. She also drew a little picture of a tree! 

We also heard from Austin in Kenya! 

He says that they are doing well and he is thankful for our letters and photos. He said that he is praying for blessings for us, and he and his family attend an ACK church. He shared Romans 8:1-2 and said that he is doing well in a mechanic course! He is able to do small repairs on vehicles and engines, and he is very proud of his work. He also said he hopes to get a driving license soon, and he asked that we pray for his studies. He also wanted to know if I know about mechanics! 

Then there was a letter from lovely Mary in Kenya! 

Mary says she is doing really well and trusts that we are, too. She said she is always delighted to get letters from us, and she is encouraged by them! She also said that the “supreme” president Barack Obama visited her country and it was very special when he was visiting- she described it as a dream! I know that they had a lot of cultural celebrations and national pride during his visit. That’s so neat. Mary also shared Psalm 145: 18-21  and said she learned about that passage from her teacher Martin at the project, and that he is an inspiration to her. Mary also really liked the letter I sent about Malala Yousafzai. I basically gave a brief description of her life and told the kids how she is working to make sure all children can receive an education, and how she is very brave. Mary said “I loved the story about Malala. She is so encouraging just like you because you usually believe that I am a strong girl who is capable of great things. You usually love your job and that’s great because you have a passion for it and I hope you go and work there though the library is busy.” :) Mary said she was going to pray for Malala! She asked that we pray for her grandfather whose health is declining. 

Later in the week, we heard from Laura in the Dominican Republic! 

Laura is so sweet! She said that it has been rainy where she lives lately, and she likes grey days the best! Me too! She also said her family likes to visit the countryside when they have holidays, and she really likes going there, even though it takes a long time to get there. Laura also said she is starting university in January, and she will be studying pharmacy! She also said she enjoyed reading about Malala, and liked the fact that she works hard so all children can get an education! She said thank you for all the letters and asked that I keep writing! 

We also heard from Victor in Kenya on the same day his photo got updated! 

Victor said that Kenyans were really excited about President Obama’s visit, and “most significant is that we even shared our grievances with him.” I could tell that Victor had learned some new words because he used that one a few times and also said he was “presumptuous” that their grievances would come to an end. :) He asked that we pray for Kenya because of the increased terror threat there, and he thanked us for the encouragement of our letters and said that his school performance has improved since we have been writing to him! 

Next was a letter from Juan in Bolivia! 

Juan said he went camping in Molinos with other kids from the project, and they had fun and learned about God. And he was on the yellow team. He also said that his dad came in from La Paz and they went to Mariscal park and had a walk, and they ate Pique Macho. I looked it up and it’s kind of like chili with hardboiled eggs? It’s meat and hot dogs and potato things and....hardboiled eggs. It looks really hearty. He also asked about my favorite food and about my trip to Japan (there was apparently a translation error- I did write about my friend Amanda, who lives in Japan!) And he asked us to please send more cards and pictures! 

Then there was another letter from Kenya- this time from Mercy! 

Mercy said she and her grandmother are doing really well and they have had enough rain for their crops, and now they are waiting for things to dry out so they can be harvested (they plant beans.) She said that she liked seeing the pictures of the hippos at the zoo, and wants Dia to take more people to see the animals there!! Or maybe she meant she wants Dia to take me to see more animals. Either way, it was cute! She asked us to pray for her education and shared Isaiah 50:12. 

Lastly, we got a letter from Brian in Kenya! 

This was our first letter from Brian since taking over his correspondence in June. Brian said his family sent their greetings and he was really happy to get all our letters, especially the ones with pictures. He said he’s doing well in school and they had a football competition at the project during August break, and his team was moving on to regionals. Brian said that it’s cold in Kenya and his family was planting beans, too. He also said he’s learning a lot at the project, including how to obey God and our parents. He shared John 14:1 with us! 

Today is a holiday, so there is no mail (sadly) but I am looking forward to what this week has in store! 

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  1. How fun that you got some first letters! And I just love Carlos' photo!!! It was neat to hear Mary and Victor talk about Obama's visit to Kenya. I love what Estha is learning at the project and that Laura will be studying pharmacology!! And I loved the responses to Malala's story. I'll have to share her story with our kids. And it was fun hearing that Juan also likes eating Pique. We should try making it sometime ;)


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