Monday, November 2, 2015

Compassion Joys: October

Here are the things we are thankful for from October!

 Compassion Family


We got quite a few letters this month! We heard from Anahi, Angelina, Austin, Brenda, Brian, Carlos, Celestine, Elifagason, Elisha, Emmanuel, Erick, Estha, Fatuma, Festus, Gloria, Jayid, Jeannette, Juan, Julian, Kajal, Laura, Maribel, Mary, Merlyn, Mercy, Mishel, Motempa, Nkoyio, Patricia, Pitchaya, Prayer, Purity, Said, Victor, Yekersew, and Zalifina! Our letters from Maribel, Zalifina and Jeannette were first letters!

New Kids! 

This month we got three new correspondents: William in Bolivia , Jeferson in El Salvador, and Edmundo in the Philippines! William actually graduated this month, so we won't have him for long, but I am glad we get to send him a few letters! We also added a new sponsor child  to our family- 13 year old Ruth in Honduras! Ruth is very precious to me, and I am looking forward to meeting her next year!

Photo Updates! 

Said got a photo update this month! He looks so handsome! It is good to see how he is doing since I saw him last year! We also got a new picture of Victor, almost two years after his last photo update! They are both growing into fine young men!

Extra Photos! 

We were very blessed to get some extra photos this month! We got some printed photos of Pitchaya at university with his friends, and a picture of Carlos with the gifts that my friend Kara carried to Peru!


This month, Brian in Kenya turned 13, Celestine in Kenya turned 16, Abdias in Haiti turned 19, Prayer in Indonesia turned 13, and Brenda in Mexico turned 8! I hope they all had wonderful birthdays!


In October, we celebrated one year of writing to Amisha, Marc, and Merlyn, and two years of writing to Elisha! I'm so thankful for these kids!


This month I learned that a friend from church will be traveling to Uganda in a few weeks- and she is willing to take a pencil bag of gifts for Caleb and Amelia! We are sending Caleb a Bible, some candy, pencils, and a UK t-shirt. Amelia is getting a Bible, school supplies, lip balm, a little stuffed animal, a pretty compact, a bracelet and a necklace! I'm so thankful for this opportunity to send gifts to my kids! We also got a letter from Anahi saying she got the gifts we sent her this summer! I'm so glad they arrived safely!


  1. I love seeing the new faces!!! And what handsome guys Victor and Said are! They look so much older in their new photos!

  2. I think extra photos are the best - it's a bonus blessing!


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