Monday, November 30, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Haiti and Indonesia

Happy Mail Call Monday- the last in November! Wow!

Only two letters came this week- my mailman has been slacking a bit, but I also know not many have been processed for me in Colorado! 

On Saturday, we got a letter from Marc in Haiti! 

We hadn't heard from Marc in a few months, so it was really nice to hear from him! Marc opened his letter with "I greet you with great joy in my heart." He also liked my letter in which I explained "all the nice programs" (that might have been about summer reading at the library) and said that he is praying for my food allergies! He also said that it was very hot in Haiti and asked me if I liked hot or cold weather better. He closed by thanking me for my letters and pictures, and told me he is proud of me. :) 

The other letter we received was from Tasya in Indonesia! 

It had also been about three months since we heard from Tasya, so it was lovely to hear from her as well! She asked about our family's health and told me about celebrating Passover at the project. One neat thing about Tasya's village is that they have a "torch parade" around Easter, which she has told me about before. She wrote about it again this year, and said that they searched for Easter eggs and had a party in the street! She and her little sister Celia (who is now in 1st grade) participated because it was "so lively," says Tasya. She also said that she and her friends went to the beach on Valentine's Day! What fun! 


  1. How sweet of Marc to be praying for your food allergies! And I loved reading about Tasya's traditions for Easter and that she celebrates Passover…we celebrate it too!! It's my favorite holiday :)

  2. Wow so many beautiful and handsome faces! Such a blessing for them and you :)


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