Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Ghana, Uganda, India, Honduras, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Haiti and Mexico

Happy Mail Call Monday, two days late!

It was a crazy weekend! We went out of town, and then there was the holiday, and then I started a new job this week! So here are the letters we received last week. :)

We heard from Angelina in Ghana!

Angelina shared that at the project, they've been learning about who to trust, and making wise friendships. She asked about my favorite game to play at home, and said that she prays God gives us good health! 

Next, we heard from Caleb in Uganda! 

This was the first letter I've received from Caleb that didn't mention his family's crops of maize and beans! Caleb said he's glad that we like to visit the zoo, and asked about my favorite animal there. He said that his favorite animal is the lion, as it has a big head and a small tail- and he said that this was good planning on God's part, because the lion uses its big head to slay people! Wow! He also said thank you for loving him and writing him letters, and his prayer is that God will give me the wisdom to always write to him, and that he will always write to me! 

Then we heard from Benji in Haiti!

Benji said that his family enjoys celebrating Easter because it is a time of grace! He thanked us for the letters and asked that we pray for his health, and then wished us "good night." :) 

Next, we got a letter from Jayid in India! 

As usual, Jayid's letter was written by a project worker! Jayid's helper at the project said that he's been learning lots of new action songs at the project, and he likes to listen to the guitar! They also said that the kids have been taking self defense classes! What a fun skill to develop. Jayid asked that we continue to pray for his dad's health (he has TB.) 

Then we got a letter from Anahi in Honduras!

I love the fact that Anahi's letters are always written by her mom! Anahi's letter was a form letter about her medical check-up (she's doing well and is quite tall!) and she also said that she is getting really good at reading and writing. Her mom, Celina, wrote that they were so happy to write to me "on this hot afternoon," and that their family prays for prosperity for my family! She said "I greet you on behalf of my daughter. We thank you for your sponsoring; those are the most sincerely wishes from our heart. I wish that you are well. We thank God for your life. I write you this letter, on this hot afternoon, with love and affection." I really hope that Anahi's mom can come along on our visit day when I go to Honduras next year!!! 

Next was a letter from Reine in Burkina Faso! 

Reine shared that she passed her exams, and she was happy to learn about the new babies in the lives of our friends and family! She asked if we want to be parents someday, too! She also shared that she liked seeing the pictures we've been sending, and said that her name means "princess," but she doesn't know the reason why her parents chose it for her! What a pretty meaning for her name! 

Then we got a letter from Tasya in Indonesia! 

Tasya said that her family is doing really well! She said that her group didn't win their singing competition, but they had fun. And she also watched the drama competition and enjoyed that as well! Tasya responded to some of my questions about animals, saying she has never seen a tapir before, and her favorite animal is the dog, because they are the cutest! She listed several specific family members and friends of ours that she is praying for, and asked that we pray for her exams!
Finally, we heard from Brendita in Mexico!

Brendita sent a form letter about her family! She said she spends most of her time with her parents and grandmother, and she helps her family by watching after her little sibling. She asked that we pray for her brother and thanked us again for the toys we were able to send her over a year ago! I'm so glad that she enjoys playing with them!! 

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  1. I love hearing about some of the project activities, like Jayid learning self defense and Taysa participating in a singing competition!!! Anahi's letter was as adorable as usual. And Caleb's description of a lion was quite scary!


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