Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Peru, Ecuador, Rwanda and Tanzania

Happy Mail Call Monday- the first of July!

Our mailman is acting fishy again- we got five letters on the first day of the week, and then the mail was messed up the rest of the week! Like, the Tuesday coupons came on Friday, and there was no main in between. Maybe that means I'll get a bunch of letters this week. :) 

The first letter we received was from Carlos in Peru. 

It was a little unusual to hear from Carlos, since we just got a letter from him last month, but it was still nice to hear from him! Carlos shared that he was accepted to a school (I think that it's a community college, rather than a vocational school) and he's studying mechanics! I'm so proud of him! He also said that his brother Marcos had a birthday, and his whole family got to go to the zoo to celebrate. 

Next up, there was another letter from Erick in Ecuador!

After not hearing from Erick for over six months, this was our second letter from him in just a couple of weeks! Several other sponsors have mentioned similar situations, so we are thinking maybe there was just a back-up of letters in Ecuador. Anyway. Erick wrote a letter about school holidays, and says he likes to play ball and spend time with the other kids when he's out of school. He also shared "I also want to say that I feel very joyful and grateful for having a sponsor." 

Then we heard from Habimana in Rwanda! 

Habimana wrote a form letter about his family. He said that he has two siblings, and his aunt lives with them. His favorite family activities are gathering firewood and collecting water. When asked about his family's health or special needs, Habimana said that they need to be able to take his dad to the doctor for treatment, because he's very sick. Plenty of my kids have mentioned having sick relatives before, but none of them have said that they weren't even able to take them to the doctor. We are doing an inquiry into his family situation, to see if there's a way we can help. Habimana also said he "doesn't know pizza," which I had written about in another letter, and he really enjoyed reading about the Compassion graduate stories, like Sherinah's and the story of the head elephant keeper at the Sheldrick sanctuary in Kenya. 

Next up, we got a letter from Bonifas in Tanzania. 

Bonifas said that he and his family are doing really well, and he wants to know how he can pray for us. He also said he remembers my visit to Tanzania, and he wants me to come back so I can visit his house! Bonifas also responded to my letter about weddings by saying that he has been to the wedding of one of his neighbors, and his tutor wrote "he loves you because you care for him."

Lastly, we got a letter from Elifagason in Tanzania. 

Elifagason said he was "so happy to greet (us) once again." He shared that his family is doing well and at the project, they memorized Psalm 14:1. In a response to my letter about how new babies are celebrated in my country, Elifagason said that when a woman has a baby, she should "stay home for about two weeks." :) Elifagason also said "we thank God for the miracles that he has done for us" and that he's thankful for the rainy season and the dry season, and closed the letter with "now let me say goodbye until another day. May God be with you. Amen."

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  1. How sweet that Bonifas wants you to come back to visit!! And what great news about Carlos' continued education. I'm so glad Habimana enjoyed the stories of the Compassion graduates! I like sharing those with my kids as encouragement that they too can do big things!


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