Monday, July 13, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Honduras, Thailand, Togo, Ecuador, Tanzania, and Ghana

Happy Mail Call Monday!

I'm very thankful that we received six letters this week. The first was from little Anahi in Honduras.

Anahi filled out a form letter about her dreams. When she is older, she wants to be a doctor. She wants to help her family by giving them money, and she said she wants to meet me because I am very nice with her. :) And when asked what she wants to do, she said "a cake." That sounds good to me! In the open part of the letter, Anahi's mom shared that Anahi gives thanks to God that God chose me as her sponsor!! I'm thankful God chose me, too! :) Sadly, her family also had bad news to share- Anahi's grandfather passed away in April. She shared the names of all her grandparents and asked that we pray for two of them because they don't go to church and she wants them to know Jesus.

Next, we heard from Thanakan in Thailand!

This was our second letter from Thanakan, and she wrote a lot! I had forgotten how much fun it is to correspond with a kid in Thailand. Thanakan filled out her form letter (or a helper did, rather) and another sheet of notebook paper! She sent a form letter about her favorites, which include grilled chicken, the color pink, "chair ball," rabbits, and "Kitty," her favorite cartoon character. In my reply letter I asked her if that meant Hello Kitty, and sent a picture to confirm. We have a lot in common! Thanakan also replied to several of the letters I have sent her. In response to my letter about names, she said that she doesn't know what her name means because where she lives, people just pick names and don't care about the meanings. In response to a letter about new babies, she said that in her village, people will bring a new mother chicken, clothes, and money, but they don't have any traditions for expectant mothers (like baby showers.) She also said that her family has been busy planting corn. In response to a letter about a Compassion graduate who works at an elephant sanctuary in Kenya, she said that her village has an elephant show every year, so she has seen the animals in person- but she doesn't get too close because they are big and could be dangeroous. Thanakan shared her family members with me, and I had to ask if they are all living in the same place: she has her mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, and some cousins. Thanakan also said that she really loved the little "diary" we sent her (a softcover journal from Michaels) and that she's praying for us!

Then there was a letter from Estha in Togo!

This was our second letter from Estha, as well. Her letter was only written a month ago, so it got here very quickly! Estha wrote a form letter about her hobbies, and says she enjoys choreography with her friend Nathalie. She also said that she doesn't have any pets, because "they are dangerous." Estha said that she was enjoying our letters and the journal we sent to her, and asked that we pray for the "evolution of children" at her center.

We  also heard from Erick in Ecuador again!

Erick's letter said that when he grows up, he wants to be a singer, and to keep studying. He also hopes he can come visit America, and he wants to meet me and talk to me in person!

Then we got another letter from Bonifas!

Bonifas said in his letter that he would really like to be a preacher (I told him in another letter I thought he'd be a great preacher) and that he doesn't just want to be a preacher in Tanzania, but he wants to go all around the world- maybe even come to America and preach here! He also said he wants to be a tour guide in his home country.

And finally, we got a letter from Angelina in Ghana!

Angelina wrote that her favorite animal is the ostrich, and her project has a "cadet" and she is part of it, and she really enjoys it. In my response letter, I asked her what that is, because I have no idea. Maybe something like a color guard? Safety patrol? I don't know. Angelina also asked me to tell her more about the library where I work, and said that she was praying for baby Lilly (my friend Jess's new baby) to have good health. She is also praying for my brother, that God will "comfort him always." She closed her letter by asking that we pray for her to understand God's will.

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  1. I hope Angelina answers your question! Now I'm curious what she is! I can see Bonifas as a preacher and/or a tour guide....he seems to have a great personality for those types of jobs. Erick is so sweet!!! Aww!!! And so is Anahi!!!! I bet Thanakan likes Hello fun since you're her sponsor!!!!


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