Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Project Letter: DR-381

Sorry it's been a while, but here's another pastor's letter- this time, from the Dominican Republic! 

May God bless you richly!

I am Ramon Del Carmon Alfonso, and by God's grace, I am a pastor in Iglesia Evangelica Misionera (Missionary Evangelical School) located in Dajabon City, Dominican Republic. We minister to Carlos Daniel at the Child Development Center.

In our church's name, and on behalf of the community, I want to express our gratitude for all of your support to Carlos and to our ministry.

Our church is located near the border of the Republic of Haiti. In this community, we have multiple needs, such as: education, lack of industries, low agricultural production, and low work sources, which causes our youth to immigrate to other towns, looking for improvements in their lives.

Our church is focused in accomplishing the commandment given by our Lord in the Great Commission. For around forty years, we have remained continuously working with Compassion International's programs to help the poorest children and teenagers of our community, with the goal of making them into responsible young people and role models.

We have had the great blessing of baptizing and making disciples of a great amount of our youth and some of their parents, who are serving actively in the different ministries of our church. We can quote the case of two sisters, who came to our church via the programs at the center and today serve as teachers in the center. Moreover, many of our youth are professional, responsible leaders and remain true to the principles they have learned while they serve in important positions at different public and private enterprises across the country.

As a pastor, I long for establishing God's Kingdom in the lives of the people who are under our covering. Through quality, systematic work, we want to guarantee their integral development. I believe firmly that this is possible with the support of the church, Compassion, and the Lord.

As a church, we have the challenge of continuing to spread our ministry and contributing to the development of these families. Our church has many ministries, such as home visits, evangelism programs, discipleship, teenager and youth's society, Sunday school, worship and praise, and dance. Through these activities, we want to see our community converted to a model city, which glorifies our God.

I want to ask you to join us in prayer so the Lord gives us the provision of work sources, such as agricultural industries, in this area. That would give stability and would keep our youths to being forced to immigrate to the city. We also ask you to help us pray for new sponsors, so we can widen the number of sponsored children.

I want to tell you that the active communication between sponsors and these children through letters is very significant, since they enjoy receiving news form the person who helps them and they feel informed. It is a great joy and satisfaction to know that someone, somewhere in the world is thinking of them, and every word of love and encouragement is cherished.

Finally, I want to express to you our gratitude for your contribution in favor of Carlos. Your support has been really meaningful in his development. We pray constantly for you and your family so that God keeps blessing you in everything.

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  1. I love this church's passion for discipling the kids. And I wonder if it is close to Heriberto's project, DR-380!


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