Friday, July 31, 2015

Compassion Joys: July

Where oh where did this month go?? It went by so quickly! Here are our Compassion Joys for this month! :)

 Compassion Family


This month we heard from Erick in Ecuador; Bonifas in Tanzania; Angelina in Ghana; Anahi and Sandier in Honduras; Thanakan and Tinnakorn in Thailand; Estha in Togo; Carlos in Peru; Kevenel, Abdias  and Benji in Haiti; Yekersew in Ethiopia; Barry in Burkina Faso; Jayid in India; Laura and Carlos Daniel in the Dominican Republic; Merlyn in the Philippines; Brendita in Mexico; and Victor, Christine, Motempa, Nkoyio, and Rose in Kenya! Five of those were first letters, too!

Photo Updates! 

We got two new photos this month- it felt like it had been a long time since we'd seen an update!

Estha in Togo

Erick in Ecuador

New Kids!

A few more kids joined our far-away family this month! We welcomed little Kaue in Brazil- a long time ago I had requested a boy in Brazil, and it had been so many months that I figured the request had gotten lost! We also welcomed Julius, Yese, and Ester in Tanzania, who attend centers I visited during my trip there last year. And then there's precious little Zalifina. We are taking over correspondent responsibilities for sweet Kelly who is dealing with some time-consuming family issues right now. I'm happy to be a part of the group of sponsors who is helping her by writing to her kids!


We had several special sponsor-versaries this month! We celebrated one year of sponsoring Kajal, two years of writing to Prayer, four years of writing to Said, and FIVE years of sponsoring the girl who started it all, Tasya!


July held a lot of birthdays for our far-away family!! Rose in Kenya turned 12: Carlos Daniel in the Dominican Republic turned 16; Habimana in Rwanda turned 9; Julian in Colombia turned 8; Anahi in Honduras turned 7; Austin in Kenya turned 20; Tamirat in Ethiopia turned 19; Julius in Tanzania turned 17; and Merlyn in the Philippines turned 12!


  1. That's so exciting that you received 5 first letters! And what adorable photo updates! I also enjoyed your birthday collage. What a fun idea :)

  2. Love this - so many JOYS to give thanks for!


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