Monday, July 27, 2015

Sweet Greetings from Kenya, Mexico, and Honduras

It's the last Mail Call Monday in July! 

Most of our letters last week came from Kenya! First we heard from precious Rose. 

Rose wrote to me about her school. Her best subject is Kiswahili, and she shared her teacher's name and her school's name. She also likes playing leg ball at school, and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She said "Thank you for the letters you send me. I felt very proud when I got them. Surely be blessed." Rose said she was excited about the impending arrival of my friend Jess's baby, and asked how the baby is doing now. She also said that there are lots of extra security measures where she lives now, since the attack on Garissa College, and there are soldiers in the street every night. Finally, she asked what I do at the library, and if I enjoy the work! 

Then there was a letter from Motempa. 

Motempa said she had a nice Easter with her family, and she had been praying for God to provide her school fees, and he did! And she said "something interesting that happens in my life is God usually remembers me in every situation." 

Then we got a letter from Nkoyio!

Nkoyio said she enjoyed reading about our 5th wedding anniversary, and said she is praying for Brandon because his back has been hurting. She asked that we pray for her education, because she has "many challenges", and said "I am very happy to have you as my new friend. I hope we shall continue with the help of God." Motempa and Nkoyio attend the same center, and are just a few months apart in age. Nkoyio wrote in her letter that she learned I also write to Motempa, and that they are good friends and spend a lot of time together! Finally, Nkoyio said that she got new school shoes with the small birthday gift we were able to send her. 

We also heard from Christine! 

Christine says her family is doing well and they are weeding and preparing to plant maize and other vegetables. She said "I am happy writing for you again and get to know each other." Christine said that in Kenya, babies are named after their grandparents, and they have a big party when babies are born. She also shared that she is doing well in school but she still hopes to improve, and she had fun celebrating Easter with her family- her parents made chicken and rice "and it was wow!" She also asked that we pray for her family and her country because of all the conflict in Kenya, and shared this verse: "Happy are the merciful, for they shall see God." 

Rounding out our Kenya letters was a much-anticipated letter from Victor! 

I was getting really worried because Victor's letters always arrive within a day of Mary's, and we heard from Mary over a month ago. I'm thinking that his letter just got a little lost in the shuffle, because it was dated in April, and usually they get here pretty quickly. :) Victor said that he has learned a lot from my letters, like how the snow affects the transportation of goods and people. :) He also said he is praying for Jess and her new baby, and he thanked us for always writing to him, and for the "advices." I love this boy so much! 

We also got a letter from Brendita in Mexico! 

Brendita wrote a form letter about her last check up at the doctor. She rode a bike and went with her mom and aunt, and she said, when asked how it made her feel, that it made her laugh because it was ticklish. :) She said she learned that she needs to drink a lot of milk because it will make her strong and keep her standing, and she said, in the thank you section, that she says thanks for the letters, the stickers, and everything. "You are the best!" :) Then she wrote out responses to the questions I have sent her. She has never seen snow, her grandmother's name is Carmen, she has a ton of cousins, her favorite movie is "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", her best friend is Karlita, she does know what pumpkins are and she eats them sometimes, she is doing well in school, "yes yes yes! The Christmas party at the project is always great. We get gifts and candy and we break pinatas. We drink punch and other things." And she said that weddings in Mexico are celebrated in little parks, at home, or in the streets.

Finally, we heard from Sandier in Honduras! 

Sandier filled out a form letter about his dreams. He wants to come to the US to meet me, and he wants to see race cars. He also wants to rescue people when he grows up, and he wants to be like his mom. Iris filled out an extra half sheet of paper for Sandier, and he answered a bunch of my questions. He said he loves music and his favorite song is "Glory from on High" and he doesn't know how to play any instruments, but he'd like to learn to play the drums. He also said he's never met a missionary, but if he ever went on a mission trip, he'd want to go to Brazil. He has never seen an elephant, but he'd like to see one. Sandier also asked what my biggest dream is! And then Iris, his tutor, said "Sandier wants to thank you for all the letters, especially for the words that say that you love him and that you keep him in your heart." He also liked all the stickers, books, finger tattoos (a thumb war tattoo kit with superheroes) and cards and pictures. 

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  1. Aww! I love that Sandier wants to meet you and that he wants to rescue people! Brendita's description of the doctor made me laugh. I'm glad so many Kenyan letters arrived, especially Victor's! And how sweet of Rose and Victor to remember Jess' baby.


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