Monday, December 23, 2013

Greatest Hits

I've been inspired by Jill over at Compassion are my favorite or most popular posts from the past year!

  1. Overcomer. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. 
  2. F Minus. What the church- and you- need to be doing to help orphans. 
  3. They Are All Our Daughters. The plight of girls around the world. 
  4. Fear Not. How I kick anxiety's butt. You know, if it had one. 
  5. Definitions. Defeating global poverty CAN be accomplished. 
  6. Oh Happy Day. The best day I've ever spent at an airport. 
  7. GO. Living the great commission.
  8. Let's Hear It For The Boys. My first advocacy post. 
  9. Africa. A timeline for my upcoming trip. 
  10. Hello World. Chronicles of my spine surgery this January. 
This year I wrote a LOT! More than I ever have. This was the year that I joined the advocate network and the blog network for Compassion, though, and my rapidly increasing desire to reach out to God's people has fueled a lot of my posts. I started regularly participating in Monday Mail Call, picked up Compassion Joys later in the year, posted lots of kids who were waiting for sponsors, did a few "outgoing mail" posts, started a series on letter writing blog kind of exploded! But it's been a lot of fun and you will see a lot more from me in 2014!

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  1. Thanks for joining in...I look forward to reading your posts. You had a busy and active year when it comes to Compassion!!

    I love my ornaments - thank you : )

    Merry Christmas!


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