Monday, December 30, 2013

Sweet Greetings from India and Tanzania

Mail call posts two weeks in a row! Yay! : )

This week we got two letters!
The first letter was from our Jayid in India. 

Jayid's letter was a form letter about him and his family. It's a bit awkward to post in its entirety, but in the letter, Jayid says that the family member he loves most is his dad, he sleeps with his parents, his favorite flower is marigold, his favorite food is mango, he is the oldest of his siblings, and he likes to play with toy cars. I was glad to read that, because I was able to send him some when my mother in law visited India back in October! Jayid also shared that he loves cricket and his favorite player is Sachin Tendulkar. 

Jayid's drawing

The second letter was from Bonifas!

Bonifas is our newest sponsor child. My mom is helping me sponsor him. I just couldn't leave him without a sponsor any longer! This was an intro letter from Bonifas. Unfortunately not all of it was translated, but here are the basics: 

My parents: Baba Anaitwa Eliudi and Mama Yangu Anaitwa Eliakwada

{The translator just wrote "sisters" on the siblings part, but he should have three sisters. I just can't discern their names!}

My best friend: John

I live in the village. 

Best school subject: maths

Best Bible story: David and Goliath

Best holiday: New Year

Best food: maize and beans

Best game: football (soccer)

Best colour: white

When I grow up, I want to be: a teacher

My question to my sponsor: what is your name? 

My prayer request: Pray for me to pass in my studies

Bonifas also drew a big crazy picture with lots of stuff going on! I stared at it a long time, hoping to figure out what everything was, but no such luck. : ) I also took a picture of his signature because it is super cute!


  1. What fun letters!!!! Jayid's favorite cricket player is the same as our Arun's! We sent Arun photos of Tendulkar through the online templates and Arun was so excited!! It's so neat that you were able to learn so much about him and his life. That's also encouraging that you sent a toy that he loves!! Both boys are quite the artists!!! That's a bummer that you can't read Bonifas' sisters' names. I got a kick out of his favorite color being white…our Ndikubwimana in Rwanda also says that white is his favorite color. I love when my kids share their favorites!!

  2. I was thinking about making Jayid a mini poster of Tendulkar or something like that! When we got our first letter from Jayid, he said his favorite color was black!


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