Monday, December 2, 2013

Meet Patricia!

It's been almost three weeks since we lost Joane as a correspondence child, and the day I spoke to Compassion about her being removed from the program by her parents, I went ahead and asked to be placed on the list for another correspondence sponsorship. I was so happy when I checked my account at work tonight on my break, and saw our newest sponsor kid!

Patricia is 11 years old and her birthday is February 7. She lives in Brazil, which is awesome! I don't have any kids in Brazil, so it's very exciting to have a new country represented in our family. I actually know a bit about Brazil as my aunt and cousin hosted an exchange student from there when I was in middle school! 

Patricia likes to do everything, according to her profile! Singing, drawing, art, playing house, playing dolls, ball games, group games....she likes it all! And she has the friendliest face. I can't wait to get to know this adorable little girl!

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