Monday, December 23, 2013

Sweet Greetings from Peru

It's Monday Mail Call time again!

I went one month and one day without receiving any letters. On Saturday, I posted on facebook that I hoped I would get some that day- and I got two! It's so funny- I had read before I got all these correspondence kids that sponsor children in South America aren't known for being big letter writers, because of some cultural differences. This week, I got letters from Carlos and Mishel in Peru, and the last letters I received were from them, too!

Here is our letter from Carlos:

29 October 2013

Dear godmother Jessi, 
Greetings in the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I want to thank you for the letter and the postcards, they are very nice. I want to tell you that my family and I are doing well. During my free time I like to play sports, I really like soccer and when I grow up I would like to become a professional soccer player. I will pray for Brandon's mom so God will protect her during her trip and she has a good time. The weather here is hot and summer is coming here. I want to know if you visited South America. What is your favorite food? Have you tried Peruvian food? Please pray for me so I can finish school well and I can do well in everything I plan. I say goodbye wishing you many blessings and I hope to receive more letters from you. I will be praying for you. 

Carlos writes really lovely letters! I will have to send him some soccer stickers with my next letter. It was fun to read that he wants to be a professional player! I will be telling Carlos in my next letter that I haven't tried Peruvian food, but I'll ask him what his favorite local dish is so I can make an effort to try it!

And here is Mishel's letter!

26 November 2013

Dearest godmother Jessi, 
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm in very good health. I'm studying and getting good grades. I play with my classmates on the weekends at home. I have three siblings: Brayan, Nataly, and Yoelma. The weather is warm and nice. I ask you to pray for my studies and for my mom. I'd like to know: how many kids do you have? I say bye with a big hug and many kisses. Merry Christmas!


I'm glad that Mishel told me her siblings' names! She had written to me about the meal she and her sisters had prepared for Mother's Day, and has also mentioned a brother in the past. Therefore, I have deduced that Brayan is her brother, and Nataly and Yoelma are her sisters. : ) Mishel's question about my kids gives me the opportunity to tell her about the other kids I write letters to- the other members of my "far away family!" She also sent this lovely picture: 

I'm so thankful I received some letters this week! 

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  1. That's so funny that you're getting so many letters from a country where you were warned you might not get many!! I find that South American kids are really good with regular letters--especially my Bolivian and Colombian kids. What a sweet letter from Carlos! I hope that someday you can try Peruvian food…I went to a Peruvian restaurant in Argentina and it was amazing. I love how Mishel shared her siblings' names!! And what a beautiful drawing. I'm so glad you had a good letter week!


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