Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Greetings

On Mondays, blogging Compassion sponsors often post the letters they may have received during the week. I am linking up with Blogging from the Boonies- please check out Michelle's lovely blog and the wonderful Compassion-related resources she posts there.

This week we received form letters from our two youngest sponsor kids, Brenda in Mexico, and Jayid in India. 

The first letter was from Brenda! Her letter was called "My Christian Learning."

I learn the most about God from....My Teacher

My favorite Bible story is....Noah's Ark

My favorite thing I learned about Jesus is...His miracles. 

When I pray to Jesus, I pray dad, that he may drink no more. 

Please pray for... my father and mother. 
I would like to ask you... Do you have any pets?
I want to thank you for... to be my sponsor. 
Jessi, I want to tell you that I am happy for the gift that you send me and I like to go to the project because we make a lot of things and the food is very delicious and the games that we play and the colors. 

I'm glad to know that Brenda's favorite Bible story is Noah's Ark. I have lots of Noah-themed stickers and coloring sheets I can send to her! I will definitely be praying for her dad, too. Brenda also included a drawing!

The second letter was from Jayid. His form letter was called "My Dreams."

May 22, 2013

When I grow up I want to become...a teacher because he teach to all illiterate people. 

Someday I would like to meet my sponsor because...he wants to see her with her two lovely eyes. (Oooh...smooth talker. Haha.)

Someday I would like to visit...Kolkata for seeing a zoo and animals. 

I wish to see my village/town improve in....water facility and education facility. 

When I grow up I would like to help my family by....making their wishes to come true.

Dear Sponsor Jessi, 
I am child development worker. I am writing on behalf of Jayid. He is fine here and ask about you- "how are you doing there." He wants to know about you. How do you celebrate your holidays in summer vacation. Please pray for me, he says. 

I love the fact that Jayid wants to be a teacher when he grows up, so he can teach people to read. I told him so when I wrote to him this weekend! I looked on a map to see how far Kolkata is from where Jayid lives, and it's about 19 hours away. I wish that I could help him visit the zoo with his family! And here's the picture Jayid drew. 

I'm so happy that I got some letters this week!! 

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  1. What great letters!! I love both of those fun that Brenda's favorite story is Noah's Ark! But how sad that her dad drinks...comments like these are great reminders to be praying for our kids and to realize that they might have hard living situations. Jayid is so sweet!! I love that thinks your eyes are lovely! And that he wants to teach people!!! Thanks for sharing the letters!!


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