Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kindness, Week Twenty Nine

Here are this week's acts of kindness....

July 16- Gave out sponsor folders. This is actually a fun thing I've been doing for friends who decide to sponsor kids through Compassion. I put together a folder for them. In one pocket, I put some fun paper and stickers, and in the other pocket, I put some information about Compassion that I've ordered through the advocate catalog, like brochures, bookmarks, and window clings. I also include three pre-printed envelopes addressed for letter-writing (I never use the ones they send with my letters!) and a larger envelope for sending special stuff. When I have ink in my printer, I have also been including a little flier I made up about the do's and don't's of letter writing (like remembering to put your sponsor info on everything, what kinds of items you can send, tips on how to address different topics, etc.) But right now I'm out of ink so the last three folders I've made, I haven't included that. Anyway, on this night, I took two folders to friends at Bible study who have recently taken on sponsorships.

July 17- Moved on. The night before this day, some stuff happened and things were said that bothered me, made me angry and a little upset. I went to bed feeling a little spiteful that night, and woke up the next day feeling the same way. I had thought about sending an email to at least one person telling them how I felt, but I just decided to move past it, shut my mouth, and try to forget about it. Hopefully the same thing won't happen again, though, because I may not be able to do the same thing twice. I was that upset.

July 18- Donated to a yard sale. My friend Briana recently started the process of adopting a girl from Ethiopia. Next month she is having a yard sale to benefit that cause. She came over on this evening and picked up several boxes of stuff I had for her yard sale. Hopefully she sells it all and has a really successful sale!

July 19- Shared a smile. My boss got in a pretty bad wreck a few weeks ago, and this was his first full day back at work. When I saw him on this morning, I asked how he was doing, and understood a lot of his frustration about the pain, plus his exhaustion and concern about the day. He likes to hear my stories about the nonsense my pets get up to, so I emailed him a picture of my bunny with his head stuck in a cardboard tube. It made him laugh. Mission accomplished.

July 20- All I wrote in my little notebook on this day was "some days it is an act of kindness not to yell at/punch people." Can you tell what kind of week I had?

July 21- Served in the nursery. I am actually scheduled to help out in the nursery once a month. My surgery prevented me from doing that January through April of this year. May was my first time back, and I found that I couldn't lift the babies in the room I was normally in. In June I was out of town, and then I hurt my back at work right after that. I had considered telling the nursery director that I should just sit the next few months out, but I know they really, really need help. So I switched to another room (the "crib" baby room), put on my brace, and went and helped out. It was a pretty decent morning, and I'm glad I did it (even though I was achy when I got up and really wanted to stay home!)

July 22- Offered to help. This weekend a coworker of mine found out that her dad has a brain tumor. This happened just a few days after he had a check-up and was declared cancer-free for four years and three months. She has spent every day since Sunday in the hospital with him. I didn't find out about all this until I got to work Monday night, so when I got home, I sent her a facebook message asking if there was anything I could do to help. She lives with her parents and takes care of them, and they live pretty close by. It would be easy for me to go over there and take food to her mom (or take it to her at the hospital), help feed her cats, or whatever. I haven't heard back from her yet but hopefully she will let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

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