Monday, July 29, 2013

Kindness, Week Thirty

Here are this week's acts of kindness!

July 23- Made another sponsor folder. On this day I made a sponsor folder for my friend Liz and her sponsor child Shakespeare. I need to get some more supplies for these folders- I picked up more folders at the store recently, I've got a box of advocacy materials on the way from Compassion, and I need to get some more letter stickers because I didn't have enough to spell out "Shakespeare" on the folder. It's a long name! :)

July 24- Worked to cheer up a coworker. Someone I work with was in a really bad mood on this day, or so I heard. She just seemed kind of distant by the time I came in. Anyway. I tried to cheer her up and get her in a better mood on this evening. We had an ok time, for being at work. We talked about travel and looked up the kinds of food they eat in Indonesia. She also told me stories about when she went to Spain in college. She told me if I go to Indonesia, I should take a loaf of bread and some peanut butter in case I don't like the food! Haha.

July 25- Signed a petition. I was really worn out on this day, so it was a low-key act of kindness. Apparently the California government is planning on fencing in a  large piece of land for an airport or something, and that land happens to be where there used to be a Japanese internment camp. Survivors of the camps visit these sites sometimes, and it's not really fair that they wouldn't be allowed to visit this site. So I signed the petition asking them to reconsider fencing in the area.

July 26- Shared Compassion with a patron. Close to closing time on this day, a guy came up asking if we had change for a $10 so he could print some stuff. We didn't have change, so I offered to override the print job for him, as it was only a few pages. It turns out he was printing some stuff for a trip he's taking this week, to several countries in Asia. He was telling me how nice it is to travel out there, and he really enjoys it when he gets to go for work, and I told him that was good because I was hoping to travel to Indonesia next year. He started telling me how much he likes to visit there, and asked me why I was going (since obviously it wasn't for work- why would the public library send me to Asia??) And I got to tell him about Compassion! He said it sounded like a really awesome program, and he sounded genuine. So that was fun.

July 27- Airport party!!! I have already posted about this, but today's act of kindness was making my sign and heading down to the airport to welcome home the Bailey family. It was basically the best day ever. Sunday was really lame and boring by comparison. If you ever have the chance to welcome an adopting family at the airport when they arrive, I highly recommend it. It's exhilarating, and is a really nice way to show your friends that you care about them.

July 28- Sent a card. Well, I didn't send it on this day, since it was Sunday, but I spent some time writing some "thinking of you" type cards to send to some folks. Everyone loves getting mail, and it's always nice to let people know they're in your thoughts and prayers.

July 29- Offered to share the savings. I was very surprised to find a packet in the mail today from Target, congratulating me on my new child. Since, you know, I don't have any kids. Anyway, there  were tons of really good coupons in the packet, so I posted about it on facebook and I'll be divvying them up among some new moms I know! At least some good will come out of it.

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