Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kindness, Week Twenty Eight

I had the opportunity to do a few extra-special acts of kindness this week! Here they are:

July 9- Bought a t-shirt. My friend Ashley is getting ready to go to Haiti to get her son- in ONE WEEK! They started selling shirts, since so many people have asked about them, and the proceeds are going to the orphanage where my buddy has been staying. Of course I had to get one! Hopefully I will have it in time to wear to the airport when he comes home!!!

July 10- Mailed a package. I recently found out that one of my friends joined the Air Force, basically, because they are paying for her to go to med school. She is currently out of state training in Alabama, where it is hot and gross. She's working really hard, and I am so proud of her. I found out her current address from her friend, and found out some things she needs (like socks, sports bras and laundry detergent) and picked some up on clearance at Target to send to her. If you know anyone in the military, or even anyone who's spending time away from home, consider sending them a care package- they're a lot of fun to put together and are very, very appreciated!

July 11- Signed a petition. I love these things. I signed the petition that was sent to the UN president asking for education reform worldwide, so that all children may have access to education. You may have heard about Malala speaking at the UN on this subject recently. It's a very important cause- many kids, particularly girls, don't have access to education at all. Some are persecuted for trying to learn. Others can't grow to their full potential because of the struggling school systems, shortage of teachers, lack of supplies, and the distances between rural schools.

July 12- Donated to the American Cancer Society. This was another one of those "would you like to add a dollar to your purchase" things. I wasn't feeling well this day and didn't do much, unfortunately.

July 13- Treated the birthday girl. My friend Jess and I usually work together on the weekends, and we almost always get lunch (usually from the same place, actually) on those days. She won't be working with me this weekend because it's her birthday, so I treated her to lunch this past weekend instead!

July 14- Got donations together for church. I say I got them together, not "I donated things to church", because I forgot everything at home. We were going out to a late father's day lunch immediately after church, and going to a wedding that afternoon, so I was pretty scatter-brained. But I did get together a bag of food for the food pantry, and a bag of school supplies for our school supply drive that I totally planned on taking to church on this morning. I also had a small bag of baby food to donate- we are sending a team to Honduras in October on a medical mission trip, and they have asked for donations of baby food, formula, and bottles, as well as money for medical supplies. We have several jars of baby food leftover that we had bought for Monster, so I wanted to give those away as well. I guess it will have to wait for next weekend!

July 15- Shared my school supplies. I had a fun conversation at work on Saturday with a friend that I work with. We were talking about notebooks for some reason, and how we have notebooks that we never use, but we just keep buying them because they're pretty or cute or whatever. You can never have enough notebooks. Or office supplies. We love them. We are both on tight budgets, and she was telling me how she has to force herself to stay away from the school supply aisle when she does her grocery shopping, now that all that stuff is out on display! Well, when I did my shopping last week, I picked up a couple of extra notebooks (of course.) I picked out a cute one today and left it in my coworker's inbox, as a surprise when she comes in to work tomorrow. I hope she likes it!

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