Monday, July 8, 2013

Meet Prayer!

I sent an email to Compassion not too long ago asking if I could get just one more correspondence kid. We had nine kids total at the time (seven correspondence, two financial sponsorships) and I know this is weird, but I kind of hate the number 9. It's just awkward. Always round up, I say. And I love welcoming new sponsor kids to our family! Anyway, I got a response saying they'd be happy to put me on the list, and today when I was checking our account to look for any photo updates, I noticed that our number of kids is up to a nice, even 10!

Our newest sponsor child is....Prayer!

First of all, I love his name. It's awesome. His middle name is Yonathan, too. Jonathan is my brother's name. He is 11 years old, one year younger than my Tasya. His birthday is October 22, which is a few days after my parents' birthdays. He lives in north Sulawesi, also like Tasya- though not quite as far north. She lives on a little island just past the northern tip of Sulawesi, and he lives in the northern part of the mainland. Still, that's pretty exciting!

Compassion says that Prayer's favorite activity is badminton, and that's the only thing listed. I'll have to ask him if he likes any other sports or activities- it will be kind of hard to find badminton-themed stuff to send him! I am so excited to get to know this precious boy!


  1. Ohhh, he's precious! I love his name as well... blessings to both of you as you get to know each other!

  2. I like even numbers too! :)

    He is a little sweetheart - love his name.

    I hope he has some more interests so you can find things to send him! x

  3. Fun! Now we're both at ten :) I keep thinking about adding another correspondent child (now that I have had letters from all of mine), but among other things, I keep thinking, then it is 11. Maybe later, but for now, I am staying at 10 too! :)

    Yes, gotta love his name. Badminton is a cool sport too, though it would be hard to find things to send him. Have fun writing him!

  4. Yay!!! How fun!!! We have good friends who are Singaporian-German (the mom is from Singapore, the dad from Germany) and the boys (who are both high-schoolers) love badminton. They live in Germany and play badminton at school and in clubs...and they're really good!!! You might be able to find badminton themed stuff online...or ask Prayer who his favorite player is and I bet you could google the player!!


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