Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kindness, Week 21

Here are this past week's acts of kindness!

May 21- Visited the hospital. This week, both Brandon and I had a grandparent in the hospital. I got some get well cards and delivered them to the Pappaws. I also escorted my Mimi to the hospital cafeteria before we went home, and bought her lunch. She was very touched, and that made me happy. : )

May 22- Left a present in a coworker's inbox. I was supposed to work this evening, but ended up working in the morning instead, which meant I missed seeing a coworker I really like to talk to. I went to the bookstore and saw these bookplates I thought she would really like- they had cats and books on them, two things she really loves- and left them in her inbox with a note, saying they made me think of her.

May 23- Made a switch. Conscientious buying is becoming more and more important to me. There are some months when money is tight and we have to buy small quantities of the cheapest stuff available, but I do prefer to make kind choices when it comes to my shopping. One thing I've never cared too much about is hair care- I usually buy cheap shampoo in whatever scent smells nicest. On this day, I did some research before I did my shopping, and switched shampoo brands. My new shampoo is from a company that doesn't test on animals, it doesn't have any harmful chemicals (which is kind for me, for the water supply, and for the workers who make it), and it smells good, too!

May 24- Tried. This was a very, very bad day, and I'm sad to say that my act(s) of kindness didn't come to fruition on this day, but I did try. After work, a group of coworkers were meeting at a local funeral home because the husband of the president of our Friends of the Library group passed away. This lady is the one who picks up cookies for our birthdays and arranges to send flowers if one of our loved ones dies. She was also responsible, I'm sure, for the flowers I received when I was in the hospital back in January. So it was my intention to go to the funeral home and pay my respects (even though I am really uncomfortable in those situations.) That ended up not working out, though, because of some stuff that was going on that day, so I was going to send a card with my coworkers to let this lady know I was thinking about her. But then I was told that we as a group were going to send a sympathy card, and the card was placed back in my locker. So I really did try to do something nice- twice. The card is still in my locker and I guess I will mail it myself.

May 25- Shower shopping. I think I have six friends or relatives that are having babies this summer. Plus there are two weddings and an adoption. I had some extra money this week, so I did some shopping for these special occasions. Thoughtful gifts are always a fun act of kindness- I love giving presents!!

May 26- Made a get-well card for a friend in the hospital. My dear friend Betty has been feeling poorly for months now. She hurt her back around the time I had surgery, so we have been emailing each other back and forth about our pain this year. She has been in so much pain, though, that it was making her really weak. I was going to email and check on her this day because I noticed she hadn't commented on my Compassion kids' letters that I posted on facebook, and that was unusual. She was taken to the hospital on Thursday night, I think, and then no one told my mom (Betty's husband works with my mom, but of course my mom has been off work for a month and a half so she hasn't seen him), so we didn't find out until late Sunday. As soon as I heard Betty was in the hospital, I immediately went to make her a card to send to her. Betty is very special to me and I hope she gets better soon! I think she should be going home from the hospital today.

May 27- Sweets for the sweet. This day required a trip to the pharmacy to pick up two of my prescriptions. You know what I learned? Pharmacy's run out of medicine on holiday weekends. They were completely out of one of my meds and they only had 5 pills of the other. But while I was there, I saw that these fancy schmancy salted caramel bars were on sale. You know who's kind of obsessed with salted caramel? My mom (and it is really good, so I don't blame her.) So I bought her a candy bar to sneak into her purse when I saw her later that evening at my grandparents', where we were supposed to have dinner. But then my stomach started acting up and I didn't get to go, so her candy bar is still sitting on my nightstand. That's kind of a bummer. Oh well. I will get it to her soon.

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