Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kindness, Week Nineteen

Here are this past week's acts of kindness!

May 7- Gave credit where credit was due. Well, I don't know about "due", but I did help someone get credit. I was shopping at a pharmacy with my mom on this day, and we were browsing in the cosmetics department. We kept getting asked by the sales lady there if she could check us out or help us with anything, but we had a prescription to pick up, so it was more convenient to just pay at the pharmacy counter. My mom thought the lady thought we were trying to shoplift or something, but I told her that I thought that the sales clerk would get credit or commission if we bought our stuff at her counter. It turned out to be true- we got the prescription and then mom took our stuff back over to the makeup counter to pay.

May 8- Emailed for change. I had the opportunity to send an email to a few clothing companies demanding that they change their safety policies in light of the recent factory collapse that killed over 1,000 people. I am happy to report that one of the companies we emailed has recently announced they would comply with these changes, and the other company is "considering it." Which is better than nothing, I guess. Sometimes it's easy to fight for social justice!

May 9- Crashed a baby registry. I recently learned that a friend from middle school is going to have a baby in a few months. Something I saw on this day reminded me of our friendship, so I checked online and found that she had a baby registry at Target. I decided to order her a small gift as a surprise!

May 10- Kept my cool. I work in customer service, and so do my parents. I hate bad customer service. I stand there and think to myself "I would never do that" or "my parents would have a fit if they were here" (because they value good customer service, too.) On this day, I experienced some atrocious customer service. I really should have spoken to the manager at one place (there were 11 people working, standing around, dancing and joking, and I had to wait 25 minutes to get a simple ice cream cake. It was lame.) But I patiently stood there waiting, smiling whenever an employee glanced my way (I guess they were looking to see if I was still bothering to wait?) I was friendly and cordial, and when someone mumbled "sorry about your wait" right before I left, I nodded and went on my merry way. This was not the only place I had problems, either. A sales clerk accidentally got me locked out of access to my debit card at another store, and then I had to deal with the bank, and a few other things, but I stayed patient and nice the whole time.

May 11- Supported a local business. I read somewhere that 80 cents of every dollar spent at local businesses stays in your community. I think that number's right, anyway. Even if it isn't, supporting local businesses is a good thing! This day was my birthday, and my mom would have bought me lunch pretty much anywhere I wanted (and it would have been more convenient to go to a chain restaurant) but I chose a local restaurant instead. The food was yummy, but a lot spicier than usual!

May 12- Remembered all the moms. This day was Mother's Day. I didn't have a lot of money for gifts this year, but I think my mom and Denise liked the bracelets we gave them (handmade my Haitian parents working for fair wages to support their families!) My act of kindness for this day was to remind the other moms in my life- my grandmothers and my aunt- that they are special to me. So I gave them cards. : )

May 13- Returned some stuff early. Working at the library, I check out a LOT of books. Tons. I had way too many to deal with recently and decided to change the way I check out books (I'm going to limit myself to a certain number of different kinds of books at a time.) I had at least a dozen books that had people waiting for them, and I decided to go ahead and turn them in early- and read them another time- so those people could go ahead and enjoy them. Carrying all those books in to the library made my back hurt, but it was worth it. Now those people don't have to wait as long to read the books they had ordered.

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