Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Letter Topics

Wow! It's June! The year is halfway over. Even though a lot of people are on summer vacation now, don't forget to write to your sponsor kids!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Flag Day. Flag Day in the US is held on June 14. I know that most of us probably don't really do anything special for flag day, but flags are a fun thing to write to our kids about. You can write a little paragraph explaining why our flag looks the way it does. You can send flag-themed coloring pages. Several other countries celebrate Flag Day  in June, as well. Even if your child's country doesn't, you can still look into the design of the flag of your child's country. Draw or print your child's flag next to the US flag and send it to your child!
  2. Fathers Day. I am sorry to say that there are a ton of kids at the Compassion centers whose daddies aren't around. Depending on what you know about your child, you may want to skip talking too much about this holiday. If you want, you can send your child a picture of you and your dad, or even you and your grandfather! If you want to talk about this holiday, you can tell your child that it's a day to celebrate dads, grandpas, and uncles, and to show them we love them. 
  3. Summer. Summer officially starts in June! Write to your child and tell him or her about the changes in the weather where you live. Ask your child what he does to stay cool when it's very hot outside. I'm not a huge fan of summer, so when I do write about this season, I'm usually saying something along the lines of "it is very hot here right now. I can't wait for cooler weather!"
  4. Children's Day. Children's Day is celebrated in the middle of June. Since I don't have kids, I'm not aware of much that goes on here in the US for this holiday, but every year I get letters from ALL of my kids telling me about children's day celebrations at their projects. They write about games, singing, competitions, sports, crafts, and activities. I'm glad to hear that Compassion makes a point to celebrate the kids they are helping! Inevitably my kids always ask me what I did for Children's Day. I don't do anything special, other than think of them and wish I was celebrating with them. Children's Day would be a fun time to send some goodies with your letters. You could send a picture of yourself as a child, or an updated picture of your kids, if you have them. You could print off coloring pages, or send coloring books if you can find them in the right size. There are lots of stickers I like to send for Children's Day. At Lifeway, I have found many packs of stickers that feature Jesus surrounded by little kids, and it says "Jesus Loves the Little Children." So cute!
  5. Local holidays. June also contains some local celebrations from countries where Compassion is active. Philippine Independence Day is celebrated in June. Madaraka Day is June 1st in Kenya- it's basically Kenyan pre-independence day. 

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  1. I like your ideas!! I wrote to my kids about Father's Day but didn't realize that we had a Children's Day! Maybe I'll write to them about that :)


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