Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Binders Full of...Letters

I have been working on a little project. Actually it's kind of a big project, and I'm still working on it. I have been trying to figure out a better way to store my letters from my sponsor kids, other than folding them up and putting them in a pretty box. We have too many kids and too many letters to keep doing that. It's also impractical when you want to go back and look through old letters. So I have been working on making binders for each of my kids! I'm pretty much done with Tasya's, so I will use hers in photo examples in this post (sorry for the poor quality of the pics!)

I started out by picking out different colors of binders for each of my kids. Tasya's happens to be pink, as that is her favorite color, and she was our first sponsor child.

I created covers for each binder in Microsoft Word. Tasya's name is across the top. I left space for her picture, and at the bottom, I created a map. I found a nice world map clip art on Google, and a cute heart clip art. I placed a heart over Kentucky's location on the map, and a heart over north Sulawesi, where Tasya lives. Then I connected them with a dotted line.

Inside the binder, I have extra-long pocket dividers. I say extra long because the tabs actually poke out from between the pages, to where you can actually read them. The first tab is labeled "Info."

Inside this section, I have a page for Tasya's information, which I got from Michelle over at Blogging from the Boonies. There is a spot on this document for a photo, too!

The second page is also from Michelle- a page for prayer requests. Tasya hasn't sent me any prayer requests since I started putting her binder together, but I plan on keeping track of them here, so I will have an easy reference when she asks me to pray for specific things, and I can go back and ask her if she has any praises to report!

Also in the Info section, I have both pastor letters I have received from Tasya's project. One is from a guy who works there, and I think we received it the summer before last. The other one is from the pastor of the church where her child development center is located, and we received it a few months ago. I will also place any country updates from Compassion in this section.

After that, I have a divider for each year we've been sponsoring Tasya, with more to go! We started sponsoring her in July 2010, so we have lots of letters from her! It's so much fun going back and reading the older letters. She even included her fingerprint on her first letter!

The good thing about including pocket dividers is that you have a place to store any extra things your sponsor child sends. This can include artwork, Bible verses, extra photographs, or anything else you receive. A few months ago, Tasya made me some bookmarks with Indonesian scripture verses, and a heart-shaped card. This is where I keep them!

I hope someday I am able to go to Sulawesi and meet this precious girl. She means so much to me, and I would love the opportunity to take my binder to her and show her how much I value each letter she sends to me!

It's a big pink binder full of love!

How do you store letters from your sponsor kids? The binder thing seemed like a good idea until I realized that with 9 sponsor kids, plus a binder for those kids we have lost, I would need to clear off a shelf on one of my bookcases! : )


  1. Yeah, I get the last part! Because of that and the cost for binders and such, I do something a little different. I am actually trying to think of a way to improve it some with info sheets and such, as well as monetary gift charts and list of questions asked (like the thoughtful questions for my older gals)

    Anyway, I use the baggie system :) Once I receive the first letter for my child, I grab a gallon baggie. Then in sharpie, I write their full name and number. Then I slide their info pack in the front. That way you can see all their info (to label things) and their photo. All letters are put back in the envelopes. On the back of the envelope, I write the date received. The most recent letter goes the farthest back. That way, I can just flip the bag over and see when I can expect another letter :) Whenever I get an extra photo, I scan it in and post it on my blog. That way, I not only have the original photo (I sometimes put it on my dresser), but also a copy on my computer. And if all that fails me, I can save it off the internet. Oh yeah, so them I stick all their baggies in a small basket in my drawer.

    I have been thinking about doing a post about that, but I haven't taken photos yet. Maybe in a little while I will do one.

    Thanks for posting this! Someday, I think I may have to copy your system :)

  2. So fun!! I love the photos!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!! I have about 5 binders with letters...they're huge binders!! I have one for Shamim's letters and our CSP info, another for our boys currently in Compassion's program, one for the girls currently in Compassion's program, another for boys who left, and another for girls who left. Each child has a section with his or her general info in front and then followed by all the letters, photos, etc. organized by date!

    I also have a super skinny binder with short bios and prayer requests for each child...I use that binder for reference when writing letters.

    Whenever I receive a letter, it goes in a folder with all the other letters until I respond to them. And then I file them away in the binders!! I have my binders stored in a milk crate :)

    I like your idea of bringing the whole think to show your sponsored child if you ever visit her!! I think I would have to do something like that...if I ever was given the opportunity to meet a child!!


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