Friday, May 7, 2010

Here comes the rain again...

Today was long and uneventful. Brandon and I were going to go to the zoo, but for some reason I thought it was going to rain, so we decided to go ahead and do some of my birthday shopping today (financially sponsored by myself, as Brandon doesn't get paid until a few days after my birthday, anyway). Of course, Quincy and Monster are my birthday presents, so we headed to PetSmart to get stuff for them. We got some treats and wood chews, a water bottle, a carrier, and one of those clear plastic balls that you can put your pet in so they can safely roam around the house. They didn't have everything we needed at PetSmart, so we stopped at Feeder's Supply on the way home (we live right behind it, so it wasn't much of a trip). There we got a plastic exercise wheel and a food bowl- and a brush for Guinea Pig. I'm not so sure why a guinea pig needs her own hairbrush- especially one that is shaped and painted like a guinea pig. But she seems to enjoy it, and Brandon kind of wanted to get it, so it's okay.
Brandon was going to his parents' for dinner so he could play video games with his brother and cousin, so I headed to mom and dad's for dinner. There were no leftovers, sadly, but it was good nonetheless. We also watched a movie (The Proposal, more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be but not Oscar-worthy, either...) And now I am back home, hanging out by myself, waiting for my crops to be ready on FarmVille. Oh yeah. Fun times. I really miss cable television sometimes...though when I do have access to it, I usually find that there's nothing on worth watching, that I haven't already watched online. Hmm.
Tomorrow is work (ew) and Sunday is Mother's Day-slash-birthday dinner. I am positive I will have more to say then.

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