Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am sickly.
Some kind of creeping crud has been making its way around the library lately, and this morning I woke up with it. Fever (ish), headache, earache, sore's gross. You're not supposed to get colds when it's almost June. And I feel like it's particularly unfair since I have been having major problems with my stomach this week- I had to come home for a little bit on Wednesday.

So after much drama this morning trying to call out from work, I have spent the last six hours or so slipping in and out of consciousness and reading a book. And drinking two and a half Capri Suns. I am like, obsessed with them right now.

I needed to get online and check some stuff (on my way to get another Capri Sun) and I decided to get Quincy and Monster out while I was at it. Just for a minute. So Monster is hanging out on my shoulder eating a bite of a mini Hershey bar (at least she is not asleep in my shirt this time) and Quincy is running a circuit, from my hands on the keyboard to the mouse to behind the monitor and back to the keyboard. She really enjoys running around on the desk. She's kind of weird, I guess. Very hyper and all.

And now I am going to head back to bed, I think. The girls will just have to cope with about five minutes of playtime today...maybe Brandon will get them out later. I don't think he'll admit it, but he really likes playing with the rats.

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