Monday, April 18, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Tanzania, Peru, and Honduras

Happy Mail Call Monday!

Not too many letters came in this week, but they were good ones! First we heard from Bonifas in Tanzania!

Bonifas said that he loves getting letters from us, and called us "his great comfort" which was unbelievably sweet. He also said that he was praying for my grandma to get "another good dog," which I had written about in a letter around Christmas. My grandmother's dog passed away right before the holidays, and she was so discouraged in the search for another one. She did bring home a new puppy in January, but the day before Bonifas' letter arrived, she actually adopted a second puppy!! I can't wait to meet him in a couple of weeks when we go over there for Derby/birthday festivities! :)

We also got our first letter from Milder in Peru!

We have been writing to Milder for several months now, and it was good to finally hear from him! We learned that he lives with is mom, dad, grandma, and brother Denis in the highlands, and there is a school near his house! He also likes eating guinea pigs and rice.

Finally, we got a letter from Zoila, our precious Manna girl!

Zoila's letter was packaged in a construction paper envelope she made herself! She glued up a red piece of paper into an envelope shape and added some stickers. She shared some fun information about herself! She said that she loves to read (which I already knew) and her favorite thing to read about is princesses! I'm so excited to be sending her a paperback copy of "A Little Princess" with my next letter, going in the mail next week! She also wrote a paragraph about her hair! She said her favorite hairstyle is "the tail" and she usually wears hair on the side. She said her hair is a little curly and she wants to straighten it, but her mom and dad don't like that. :) She also said she likes jump ropes, jacks, and soccer, and asked what I like to play, and she said that she loves me very much and that I am special to her family! That was so sweet!

Also, last night we got an extra photo of Zoila with the letter package we sent in March! She's holding her sparkly folder filled with photos, stickers, coloring pages, and her letter! :)

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  1. I'm glad you heard from Milder for the first time!! And Bonifas is so sweet!! He's going to love hearing about your grandma's new dog. I think Zoila is the perfect correspondent for you. I'm almost done translating! One paragraph to go. If I didn't need the laptop for my accents it'd go faster ;) I'm having fun doing it, though!!


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