Sunday, April 24, 2016

Project Letter: ME-927

Here's a letter from the director of Brenda's project in Mexico! All the photos are from Compassion's website. 

I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Veronica R., center director of the child development center located in Chimalhuacan, Mexico, where your sponsored child attends. Thank you for sponsoring Brenda!

I want to share with you the testimony from a child who entered the center with problems, since he came from a dysfunctional family with serious problems between his parents. He was hit by Christ, went to a retreat and surrendered to God. Later he formed part of adolescent servers that headed and ministered in the meeting. He invited his parents who also attended the church retreats, they surrendered to God. Today the entire family attends church.

Another cheerful young boy that is always serving, he and the family have come forward not only spiritually. His dad who didn't have a job has gotten one. The young boy looks happy and attentive in the center. His life and his family have changed radically.

We start the center activities with prayer. They have their classes according to the area that corresponds already to be spiritual, cognitive, socio-emotional, or physical. The children participate in activities while at the center for a better development, a time to relax either reading or play. They also receive their food and their oral hygiene.

Adolescents have different activities, such as music, teachings in plays, art as mimes, choreography, and artistic expression activities. In addition they go through a teaching called My Plan for Tomorrow, so they have expectations about their future.

This year we had the opportunity to take several parents to spiritual retreats to heal and restore their lives of these families. They are already part of the congregation and are part of the majority of collaborators within the center. Young people attended a youth camp accompanied by young people in the region; ;it was a time of learning and ministering. There have been celebrations of the day of the child, pools, spas, horseback parks and birthdays, among others.

We appreciate sponsor support for which we have improved rooms and baths as well as teaching materials, and other materials for the teaching of the sponsored children. The impact in our community has been strong since many adolescents have had a great commitment to be better.

Children feel very happy when they receive letters from their sponsors. It is gratifying to see them so excited, smiling and telling their friends about their sponsors. The news about sponsors is so important for the children so we encourage them to continue to write the children. They feel very happy to know they have a sponsor somewhere in the world that cares for them.

The partners of this center are grateful for sponsor support and we pray for them that the Almighty God to fill them with blessings. Thank you again for sponsoring Brenda.

If you are considering sponsoring a girl in Mexico, please consider Leymi! She looks like such a sweet little girl! Leymi is 5 years old and her birthday is May 31. You can read more about Leymi here. 

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  1. I loved hearing about all their activities!! How cool to do horseback riding camps and all the acting activities sound so fun!!


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