Friday, April 29, 2016

Project Letter: TZ-851

Here's a letter from Bonifas' project in Tanzania! All the pictures came from Compassion's website.

Dear Jessi,

I am Martin M., the project director of (TZ-851) attended by your sponsored child. We are part of the International Evangelism Church in northern Tanzania. Thank you for sponsoring Bonifas.

I thank you and our other child sponsors for your precious heart of assisting children in need. Thanks to being sponsored, our 276 children are able to attend school and receive health services. They also receive spiritual guidance which includes Bible studies to help them know the Word of God and become responsible Christians.

Every Saturday, all the children come to the center and meet with the center workers and Bible teachers for different activities. These include Bible lessons, praying, praise, and worship, health education, and socialization activities like sports and games, song singing, and choir training. All these activities bring unity, peace, and love for each other. The children also engage in skill training for income-generating activities like sewing and growing garden flowers, vegetables and fruits. We emphasize knowledge of other activities which help them grow up with the ability to be independent.

Our sponsored children age 3 to 11 demonstrate a good understanding of God's word, his purpose, and the gospel message. Upon knowing Christ as savior, the children also have the opportunity to grow in Christ through practicing spiritual disciplines.

The teens work with the life-planning tool called My Plan for Tomorrow. Most advance successfully in formal education by completing primary school and advancing in secondary school and possibly college or vocational training. Our teens understand basic principles of managing money, small business management, and income-generating activities.

The center has brought a big impact to the children. The community appreciates the big work to make sure they get education, healthcare, and learn the Word of God. This brings a great difference to society as they become good Christians.

Last year we received a Complementary Intervention to build a more efficient and sanitary kitchen. It really helps food preparation in the rainy season and on dusty days.

Children love to get letters from their sponsor. They are eager to hear how their sponsor is doing and to get their prayers, advice, and encouragement. Letters remind the children to put in more effort so their sponsor will see good progress. Communication through exchange of letters is a very important thing. As you can, please write.

I am committed to continue to work at this center as I recognize the importance for each child to be loved, cared for, and helped to grow and reach their God-given potential. I interact with children, pray for them, and deal with obstacles that can keep them from escaping poverty. Without this center the children would not go to school, there would be no health services and treatments, and there would be no life skills training. Also the word of God would not reach them. But with the center our children are healthier, they are doing well at school, and they are good ambassadors of Christ.

Please pray for our center, that it will do better to assist the children in fulfilling their life goals, that they have good health, and that God will use them as agents of change in their community. On behalf of the children, their parents, and the community, receive our gratitude for your significant assistance in your partnership with us. I wish you all the best in life, and may God make a way for you where there seems to be no way.

If you are interested in sponsoring a little boy in Tanzania, please consider tiny Ibrahim! He looks so handsome in his little suit. Read more about him here.

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  1. So cool that they teach gardening and money management!!!!!!!


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