Friday, April 8, 2016

Project Letter: HO-249

Here is a letter from Eduardo's project in Honduras! All the photos come from Compassion's website. 

Blessings! I am Yessica Y., the project director of (HO-249) in Aldea Mateo, Honduras. This is the center that ministers to your sponsored child. I give you my most sincere gratefulness for sponsoring Eduardo. Sponsorships allow us to help many families and even impact the community. 

Our kids have achieved great results regarding their spiritual, physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. We have kids who are 3-11 years old who know Bible stories and have memorized Bible verses. They are in discipleship classes, and they have participated in spiritual retreats where they have experienced the presence of God in their lives. These kids are an example and a motivation to their parents to become closer to Jesus. 

We have a girl who used to have low self-esteem. She comes from a broken home. She did not spend time with her classmates, and she was mistreated- but with the help of the tutors and the center staff, the girl now has a better life condition. She is now living with her aunt who gives her support and protection. The girl is now very kind and likes to participate. She has many friends and is very active in presentation and special events. She is a healthy girl who takes care of her health and personal appearance. It has been a blessing to see the great change that she has made, thanks to God. 

We also have a kid who has very good grades and is very ambitions. He finished the center successfully at age 17. He was selected to be a member of Compassion's Leadership Development Program. He is now studying architecture in the national college of Honduras. He is a committed follower of Jesus and is a member of a youth group. He also helps the center with its activities and participates in our worship ministry. 

The center has been greatly blessed. The bathrooms have been improved and this action blessed about 250 boys and girls and their families who now have a clean and nice bathroom. They have learned to improve their personal hygiene and keep their environment clean. 

It is impactful for the kids to know they have a sponsor. From the moment they are told that they have a sponsor, the children get very excited and they have an enormous desire to communicate with them. They are also anxious to receive letters. The kids are encouraged to continue going to the center and to share time with their classmates. They get inspired when they know their sponsor cares for them and remembers them. Their families also get happy and grateful. 

We are inspired to continue serving in this ministry because of the love we have for the kids and their families. We hope they receive salvation and are able to become a new generation of men and women who make a difference in society. A very important aspect about our center is that it has impacted the lives of kids thanks to the help of the tutors and their interest in their needs. One of our prayers that has been answered is that, as a team, we have been able to provide healthcare for the children in our community. 

We ask you to pray for the security of our country. We also ask you to pray for the children and their families, that they may receive Jesus as their Lord. I thank you very much for supporting Eduardo; it is a great blessing. I am sure you will receive a great reward in heaven, and the Lord will continue to use you. May God bless you. I now say goodbye with a big hug.

If you are interested in sponsoring a teen in Honduras, please consider handsome Yerson! He reminds me of Eduardo because they had similar stripey shirts in their photos. :) Yerson is 15 years old and lives with his parents and a sibling. He likes playing ball games! Read more about Yerson hereIf Yerson is sponsored through this blog, I will take a small gift to him in Honduras on your behalf!!

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  1. That's so cool that one of their graduates is in the LDP program and that he helps at the center!! So cool!! And I'm so glad they have good bathrooms!!


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