Monday, April 11, 2016

Sweet Greetings from Haiti and India

Happy Mail Call Monday- bedrest 2.0 edition!

I am having pain issues again, and while I have you here (captive audience) I would love to have as many prayers as I can get. Something bad and painful is happening with my body and no one can find a good explanation for it. It's very frustrating and I just had my second ER visit in a little over a month. I am out of sick time and only have so much vacation.....things are rough right now. I would love as many prayers as I can get!

On to the letters!

This week, we heard from Abdias in Haiti!

Abdias had not written in a very long time- our last letter from him was in August, though there was another letter that was processed in September that didn't make it to my house (along with a few others around the same time- thanks, post office!) Abdias shared that he prays for our family in church every week, and that his family is praying for us, too. He is enjoying taking tailoring classes (I had fun telling him about my Mammaw's alterations business!) and for Christmas, he got new clothes to wear to "the club!" Sweet!

Next was a letter from Benji, also in Haiti!

Benji shared that he is going to church every Sunday and working on his scripture memorization. He also asked that we pray that God will bless him.

Lastly, we heard from Kajal in India!

This was our third letter from Kajal so far this year! I'm so glad that letters are coming out of India with more consistency. Kajal shared what she's been doing at the project. She is learning to pray every day, be polite and kind, and how to help others. She enjoys dancing, drama, and games. She is also learning about hygiene and "good touch and bad touch." She said that for Christmas, her project decorated a Christmas tree! She really enjoyed that! She also said that they had some sort of "learn about Compassion day" at the project on December 12. And she drew a picture of a teacup!

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  1. That's so neat that Abdias is taking tailoring classes!! And I bet Kajal's drawing is cute. I'm glad you're hearing from her consistently now.


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