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Getting to Know You: Victor

I messed up! When I was organizing these posts in order of "appearance" of our sponsor kids, I accidentally skipped Victor! Or really, I scheduled his post out of order! Victor was actually our correspondence child a good six months BEFORE the star of my last post, Mishel. So....presenting Victor!

Name: Victor
Age: 17
Birthday: March 26
Country: Kenya
Sponsored since: November 2012

How we got him: I was on the list for another correspondent, and was very surprised when we got Victor. This was the first time we had two kids in the same country- our other Kenyan (up until very recently) was Mary! Now we have EIGHT kids there!! 

About his family: Victor very rarely writes about his family. All I know is that he lives with his dad and his stepmom, and according to his bio, his mom is deceased. 

Hobbies and interests: Victor loves learning! He is very studious and is always pushing himself toward  loftier goals. He also takes it really hard when he doesn't perform up to his own standards- he is the kind of kid that would be mad if he got a 99 on a test, because if he did that well, he would think he should have made a 100%! He also shares about current events and what's going on in his country, and enjoys learning about America. I think he'd make a good diplomat when he grows up! He says he wants to be an engineer, though, and his favorite subject is math.
Here's some of what Victor has had to say in his letters over the years! 

"Receive my greetings in the name of Jesus Christ." 

This was Victor's previous picture. I got it right before they updated his photo! 

"I hope you are praying for me to have a good result."

"I enjoyed my Christmas Day in church until noon. After church service I went to the pitch where I engaged the celebrations with my friends." 

"I hope that one day we will meet one another." 

"I will still pray for your grandfather, that God will heal him with his own medicine."

"I want to tell you that I have now started a new beginning, schooling in secondary school and I hope that I will work hard to achieve my gold." : ) 

This was the first photo we had of Victor. He looks very different than the other pictures. I think a lot of that is lighting, though. We had this picture for about a year before we saw the new one. 

"In our country the last two weeks we elected our 4th president who will govern us and God was great to us, there was no corruption and people voted peacefully. What about your nation?"

"I like going to the church every Sunday so that I can praise God because he has given me life without paying Him, that is so great. There is no one who can do that."

"I want to inform you that I have started beginning schooling in secondary school, and I hope I will receive something at the end, I will make it if you and me are praying for each other." 

"I'm very proud for the letter you sent for me and I know you will send me more and more." 

"I am praying that God may guide and protect so you may continue with your work and continue showing love to me."

"The crops we grow are maize, sorghum, fruits and watermelon. I like fruits because they are protecting my body against diseases." 

"I am very happy for your cousin whom God has blessed with a child, and I know that he will be happy to what God has done to him. I also believe that in some years to come I will be having children and I will care for them as you and my parents have done to me." 

"I want to tell you that we have opened our schools and learning is taking place as usual, but during the holidays I was still learning with my colleagues at the centre and I came out with something."

"I also want to thank you for the support you are giving me and I hope when I will be working, I will also do the same to others." 

"Your lovely son," "Your beloving son," "Your beloved child" (this is how Victor has signed his letters from day one!) 

"Last, I want to thank you for your support and I pray that God may add you more strength so you may continue doing the same to other people. May God bless you and your family." 

"I am praying that the almighty God may guide us so that one day we meet and chat moreso about our countries." 

"Here in our country, somehow I can tell you that it has improved because the government this day employs only educated people who can use government facilities well and that has improved learning institutions because learners are learning with a target." 

"I hope one day I will be a grown up person with a kind heart as you do to take your position in helping others." 

And here is our current picture of handsome Victor! This is from 2013- I hope we get a new one soon! We've had several photo updates of Mary, and we got them as correspondents around the same time! 

"I want to appreciate you for the letters I received from you. They have been such an encouragement to me. I also like to hear about your loving and kind mother-in-law. It is my prayer that God may stretch his healing hands upon her...I will always be praying for Denise because I know she is important to you." 

"Thank you for always loving me. I love reading your letters. It is fun here in Kenya and I hope one day you will visit me here and see the beautiful sceneries." 

"I love you so much and pray that God may add you more days to continue being kind and loving."

"I am glad that you are having time to enjoy with your friends since by doing that you are promoting peace and friendship which is like serving the Lord."

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  1. I love Victor's smile in his first photo!! I hope he smiles again for you before he graduates. I'm always impressed for his thirst for knowledge in his letters! What a hardworking guy.


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