Sunday, February 8, 2015

Getting to Know You: Mishel

Here's another installment in my series of profiles on our sponsor kiddos!

Name: Mishel
Age: 14
Birthday: January 11
Country: Peru
Sponsored since: April 2013

How we got her: We're at the point where not all of our kiddos have a special, exciting story behind how we got them. But they are all special and exciting to me! I did not have any special requests when we received Mishel as a correspondent. She was our first child in Peru, though, and that was very exciting!

About her family: Mishel has two sisters and one brother (Nataly, Brayan, and Yoelma.) Her mom is a housewife and her dad is a driver. Her mom's name is Maria.

Hobbies and interests: Mishel loves cooking! I don't know if she likes the act of cooking, or enjoys helping her mom, but she is always writing about cooking! She has also written to me several times about special dishes they make for different holidays. She also plays volleyball, likes hanging out with her friends, and wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up! She and her cousins practice hairstyles on each other!

Here are some excerpts from Mishel's letters!

"I say goodbye with many kisses and hugs." 

This is not the first photo we had of Mishel, but rather her previous one! It was around this time that I learned we could request previous photos from Compassion. We've only had one photo of Mishel since we got her- one official one, anyway! 

"All my family celebrated Mother's Day. My sisters made "Pachamanca a la Olla." That food is delicious. My mom Maria liked the food. "

"I will pray for your grandparent. For pneumonia it is good to eat soup of ginger." 

"I am studying history and citizenship formation. I have learned many things about God like about eternal life and how he created the world."

Mishel's current photo, the first one we received, almost two years ago!

"I greet you with much love. I am very happy for the gift you sent me....I thank you very much for your affection. May God reward you with big blessings."

"Yes, there are turkeys." (Mishel is really good at responding to my questions, but she doesn't always reference the original question when giving her answer! I do know that I asked all my kids if they have turkeys in their country, in a Thanksgiving letter!)

"Kind regards in the love of Jesus."

"I thank you for the letters you sent me and for the notebooks and stickers, everything is very pretty." 

In 2014, I did a "baggie swap" with another sponsor- I took gifts to Tanzania for her, and she took gifts to Peru for me! Here is Mishel posing with the items we sent (we filled a pencil bag with a photo album, Lip Smackers, nail polish, gel pens, hair ties, headbands....lots of fun girly stuff!_

"My mom makes fried food in the Holy Week." 

"In my community I help recycle dispensable bottles. I do the same at school." 

"To answer your questions, there are different kinds of saute like omelets, french fries, fried chicken, fried eggs, fried fish, etc. I like to help my mom when she cooks." (This was in response to my question about the kinds of fried foods she makes with her mom!) 

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