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Getting to Know You: Carlos

My next post in my series about my sponsor kids is about Carlos!

Name: Carlos
Age: 18
Birthday: November 11
Country: Peru
Sponsored since: 2013/February 2014

How we got him: We received Carlos as a correspondent in 2013, and got to work developing a relationship with him. His letters were regular and very sweet. Then, at the beginning of 2014, Carlos' financial sponsor dropped him. It was very scary because not only did I enjoy his letters and feel he was a part of our family, but at the time, he was only supposed to have another 8-9 months left in the program! I spread the word on some Compassion facebook pages about Carlos, asking if anyone would like to finish up his sponsorship so he wouldn't have to graduate without a sponsor. I received a few messages from different people, but the first was from Jim. Jim had recently been promoted at work and received a bonus, and wanted to put that money to good use. He was so kind not only to take up Carlos' sponsorship, but he arranged to have me stay on as his correspondent! And when Carlos' graduation date changed (Peru now has the kids stay on until they're 22) Jim said it was no problem to continue sponsoring him until graduation. I'm very thankful that Jim and his family came into our lives.

About his family: Carlos has three siblings named Marcos, Zarahi and Samir. Zarahi sounds like a girls name to me! His mom's name is Corina. Carlos doesn't talk a lot about his family, other than to say that they are doing well.

Hobbies and interests: Carlos is very proud of his country, which is awesome! He also does a great job drawing pictures. The first drawing I ever received from him was basically the Autobots logo, but with a cross. And it said "warriors for Christ." He also really loves soccer, as you will soon read! Carlos is so friendly and chatty in his letters, He is a great friend!

Here's what Carlos has had to say over the years!

"I want to tell you that my midyear vacation from school is coming up. I also want to tell you that on Saturdays I am studying in Sidem institute and I am learning a lot about the Office programs and it is very interesting." 

"I say goodbye with a strong hug, waiting for your reply."

Carlos' previous picture! He was so cute! 

"In the zoo I saw a tapir. It is really nice."

"I say goodbye with a big hug hoping to get to know you more."

"I want to thank you for the letter and the postcards, they are very nice."

"I really like soccer and when I grow up I would like to become a professional soccer player."

"I would like you to pray for me and my family that the grace of God abounds in our home."

The first picture we received of Carlos! 

"I want to tell you that my favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He's part of a Spanish Club (Real Madrid.) I like how he dominates the ball." 

"My favorite food is ceviche. It's a dish made with raw fish cooked in lime juice and chili."

We got this updated photo of Carlos not long after receiving him as a correspondent in 2013. Hopefully we will get another one in a few months! 

"At home we have a dog that we named Black. I also have two cats that are very playful."

"I want to thank you for the gift that you sent me: the Bible, 2 notebooks, necklace, bracelet, pens, photo album, cleaning supplies, and gum. I liked everything, but especially the Bible. It is very pretty. I also like the pictures of you, your family and friends."

Sponsor Katie C. offered to take a baggie to Peru for Carlos when I took stuff to Tanzania for her- and I got this photo of Carlos with his gifts! I'm so glad I got to send him a Bible! 

"Your rabbit is very beautiful and he is very different from the rabbits here. Very soon I will send you pictures of me and my family and my pets so that you will know more about me."

"I feel happy to hear that you traveled to Africa to visit your sponsored children to learn about how they are and how they live."

"I also want to tell you that every country has a different way to cook ceviche, but here in Peru it is more delicious."

"I want to tell you that my family and I are doing so-so, as a regular family there are always problems but I do know that with God's help they will be solved. I ask you to please pray for me that I don't get apart from God. I do know nobody is perfect but I will try to do the good things."

Carlos' financial sponsor Jim sent him a financial gift for his birthday in November 2014, and we got a photo of Carlos wearing his gifts! He bought a shirt, a vest, and new shoes. 

"Thanks for the letters, cards, book and album. It is really nice from you."

"I love music. I have gone to several Christian concerts."

"My favorite animal is the dolphin. I would like to swim with it and play together."

"Thanks for the album because I love soccer and the geographical book was one of my favorite subjects."

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  1. How sweet of Jim!!! Wow!! I'm so glad Carlos can finish out the program with you. And I just love his artwork!


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