Sunday, March 17, 2013

The young'uns birthday

So I am kind of a bad pet mommy at times, apparently. Today is Glitter and Cupcake's first birthday. I totally forgot. I don't know why. It could be because I haven't been feeling well today. It could be because I have spent approximately 70% of the time I've owned them being frustrated at them for a variety of reasons. It could be that I have been thinking more about Monster lately. I don't know. But today is their birthday, and they actually got a present a few days ago, even though I didn't mean to get it for this occasion! I ordered a new hammock for them from a really nice Etsy shop I've ordered from before. This one has four exits, so they shouldn't be inspired to chew any extra holes in it (they have a tendency to "remodel" pretty much any hammock or house they've ever had, because they like having multiple exits.) This one's also cool because they can sleep on top, too- it's called a "double bunk."

Anyway, in honor of their first birthday, here are some pictures of the babies when they were little, and now that they are grown up. Hopefully now that they are a year old they will stop causing me so much grief! And it would be nice if they were a bit friendlier, too. : )

The day I got them, four weeks old

Glitter meets Quincy for the first time, and thinks she is her momma

Cupcake sitting on her water bowl, when she lived in the "baby cage"

Little miss Glitter, enjoying some noodles

Huddling together on their first field trip to the big cage (Quincy and Monster were outside the cage playing. When they found out the babies were in their cage, they were NOT HAPPY! They bopped them through the bars!)

Cupcake in the doorway of the last hammock they had (and ruined)

Glitter enjoying a tortilla chip

Glitter checking out her stocking at Christmas

Cupcake and her rawhide candy cane

Glitter likes my new bathrobe

Just havin' some bread 

New hammock!

This hammock is Glitter-approved.

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  1. Not to worry, pets are incredibly forgiving about forgotten birthday. Well, except for Gypsy The Feline Dictator ... she holds a grudge like you wouldn't believe.


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