Monday, March 11, 2013

Kindness, Week Ten

This week's acts of kindness were especially fun- one involved a game! Read on for more details.

March 5: Donated my change to the ministry collection box at Lifeway. This day was my first day running errands on my own. In my travels, I went to Target and bought Easter cards for my Compassion kids, and then I went over to Lifeway, where my mom works. There I bought some Easter stickers, also for my Compassion kids. I paid in cash at both places, and Lifeway sets up plastic donation boxes for various ministries at their registers (I think they switch them out every month.) This month, the cause was hunger relief.

March 6: Returned carts to the cart corral. On this day, I went to two different grocery stores. It was a really ugly day- either raining or snowing, I can't remember which. It was also senior citizen discount day, so the stores were extremely busy. I had to pass up seven or eight decent parking spots because people had just left their carts when they left the stores. When I was finally able to park, I grabbed the nearby carts and returned them to the cart corral, freeing up spaces for other people (and making the employees' jobs a little easier, too.)

March 7: Made a card for someone I don't see very often. A dear friend of mine hasn't been able to make it to our last several Bible study sessions, and I miss her a lot. This week I sent her a card telling her so, and thanking her for the beautiful handmade "get well" cards she sent to me after my surgery.

March 8: Tipped well. My best friend came over for lunch and a movie on this day, and we ordered a cheap pizza deal from Pizza Hut. Since we got such a good deal on our meal, I decided to give a generous tip to the driver. Even if you don't go overboard with your tipping, it's important to give a fair amount. People in the food industry make next to nothing because their employers expect them to get tips. When we are stingy with gratuity, it not only makes us look rude and inconsiderate, but it's also a bad witness.

March 9: Played the Half the Sky game on facebook. Half the Sky is a great book about "turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide." I had skimmed the book before, but it was brought to my attention again recently in Bible study (we're doing Jen Hatmaker's 7, and Jen mentioned this organization in the video preview for the week about clothing, and how it's important to be conscious of the business practices of the companies we buy from- if the workers get paid fairly, if the companies employ children, etc.) Anyway, I started following their facebook page, and they mentioned that they were unveiling a new online game to raise awareness about women's issues worldwide. The game is so much fun- you play as a woman in India, and you complete little quests like getting a microloan to buy a goat so you can raise extra income for your impoverished family, getting donated books for the local school, delivering mosquito nets to those in need, and stuff like that. The game is not only educational, but it presents the opportunity for giving. Every few challenges, a screen will pop up that offers to take you to the website of an organization linked with that part of the game. For example, while playing a part of the game centered around mosquito nets, they will share facts about malaria and then give you the opportunity to donate $10 to buy a mosquito net to protect children from malaria-carrying mosquitoes. There are also opportunities to donate for free, through the help of sponsors. The more you play, the more you learn, and the more opportunities you have to help!

March 10: Donated free pet food to animals in need, via the animal rescue site. I found another super-easy opportunity for a free act of kindness! You can visit the (ad-covered) website once a day, and click the button to donate pet food. The sponsors take care of the donation part- all you have to do is click!

March 11: Organized a birthday card shower for someone who is going through a rough time, and probably isn't going to have a very festive birthday this year. I would have done this one anyway, even if I wasn't doing an act of kindness every day! I just sent out an email alerting everyone of this person's birthday, and we are going to have a few surprises for her tomorrow evening. I love sending birthday cards, and I'm glad that this person has a birthday on a Tuesday so I can see her at Bible study and give her one in person.  : )

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